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Poor Man's Mag 10 & Plazma Substitute?


Hey there CT,
As you may or may not remember from previous posts of mine. I live in Thailand, so the things I’m used to having available to me just aren’t. Shipping alone of the 2 products in the title would be at least $100 for just one supply.
I was wondering if you had any suggestions on what I can do to supplement the lack of Plazma. Basically right now my pre workout is a light protein shake with coconut milk or oil plus a couple scoops of instant espresso. My post workout is another shake with 66g protein powder, 8oz milk, and 1 cup of instant oatmeal. What can I do better to help with recovery?
Thanks for any advice coach


Just eat copious amounts of good food?


? Maybe move this to the supplement section?




Well sure. I eat a lot of what’s available here for cheap. Lots of eggs, rice, chicken and oatmeal. But I don’t think a great diet quite compares to the benefits of Plazma as far as recovery goes.


Either you can cut and paste it to supplements and nutrition or just retype it. Not a big deal. people post in multiple forums on occasion.


If you’re specifically looking for Thibaudeau’s input, then the thread belongs here. Cross-posting in multiple forums isn’t really something we allow because it clutters up the forum and gets confusing with who responded where (it’s also a bit of a dick move that cries for attention).

You don’t necessarily “need” both Mag-10 and Plazma. If you can swing just one supplement, go for Surge Workout Fuel - it’s more budget-friendly with ingredients comparable to Plazma.

That’s a big and vague question that would require looking at your overall training and nutrition plan and seeing how it can be fine-tuned as a whole.

Whole food isn’t optimal when compared to workout nutrition. This article explains more in-depth. The biggest thing I’d fix is your post-workout meal. The milk (presuming it’s whole) and the oatmeal will digest much too slowly with the fat and fiber. Quick carbs and high-quality protein should be the priority right before and right after training.


What I was specifically referring to was my pre and post workout nutrition and could I benefit from generic supplements. Yeah, I suppose I was a bit vague huh?


True story. But I cannot afford the shipping. I’d have to by enough for 6 months to make it worth it. That’s the reason I’m wondering about generic supplements I can get here. Brands like Muscletech


Can generic supplement work? Yes, they are better than nothing. But you can’t get the same effect as PLAZMA … unless the supplement you use has highly branched cyclic dextrins for carbs and di and tri peptides of casein hydrolysate for protein. No protein or carb is as effective as these two. And from experience trying to “build” a plazma substitute from other products will actually cost you more


That’s what I thought. But I’m confused about what to get. Thanks Coach