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Poor Left Arm Strength Affecting Bench Press


Hello Everyone,

I was wondering if i could get any tips from you guys/girls about this situation i am in. First I will give you a little history as to why my left arm is substantially weaker. When i was 12(I am almost 19 now) i was ran over by a jeep and among other injuries my left Humerus was fractured pretty badly. I had to have surgery and they installed a metal plate which they left in.

Whenever i go to the gym i am constantly fighting with my left arm to get the same amount of reps with my right. I find bench press extremely hard as it seems my right arm is doing at least 65 - 70% of the work. I've tried lifting smaller working with good left arm form with hopes to improve the stabilizer muscles and have better neuromuscular control. But it felt like my right arm was doing no work.

Also from training and every day use, i feel pretty good pain in my left shoulder, and from what i can tell i believe its one of my rotator cuff muscles.

Anyways i am just wondering if any of you have any ideas, or if i should go to the doctor and get them to check it out.

Thank you for your time


Get the injury looked at. No one on the internet can help with that.

As far as the muscle imbalance. Use dumbells. If you are injured than you have to be careful whether using a barbell or a dumbell.

You should also learn proper bench press technique to prevent shoulder injury. Dave Tate had some good info in an article with a link to videos or soemthing like that.


I had the same problem when I started lifting . my left shoulder was about 70% of my right (dont know why though). probably from 25 years of beer can curls with the right hand...haha.

just as Bonez said , weekly dumb-bell work was the answer .