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Poor Kid


fricken hilarious


That's the funniest thing I've seen in the last 23 minutes (exactally).


Hahahahahahhaahahahahahahahahahahaha thats fucked up


That kid is scarred for life!!!!


I laughed, but hat was just mean.

I've seen a couple of things like that maze (a car driving, then a guy screams and pops out, and a rat popping out after looking at some optical illusions), and I wouldn't even do that to my wife, let alone some little kid.

Now I'm extra cautious with anything on the internet.

That kid has probably been scarred for life.


what's worse is that I think the step-dad was laughing at him LOL


That's tough love at it's finest. Tubby needs to toughen up.


Haha, I just had to go and try that game out afta that, it made me jump even though I knew what to expect. That was fkin funny..


I hate those things ( they're called screamers by the way)
There was one on ebaumsworld a few weeks back that said you had to listen to Jingle Bells backwards...then BAM!
Be careful for any link or video that tells you to turn up your speakers first!


lol, it's all fun and games until little chubby sucker grows up to be a pissed off 6'6" 275 lb teenager with anger issues.


That poor kid.

Seriously though, I have a strong urge to beat the shit out of that step-dad . . . You know, as a prank.

That kid sounded really young (and fat, but I don't think scaring him will help him with his body).


Yeah thats totally messed up!


it was funny . . . until the kid started to cry. the step-dad is a real asshole.


Funny at first, but dam, kid was really freaked.


maybe the kid shouldn't be such a pussy


yeah. maybe.


The step dad needs to get his ass beat.

I applaud the kid though because his first impulse was to smack the thing that scared him.


I just watched it again.

It was funnier this time.


That is NOT funny. Maybe if it was a evil looking clown or something, but there's something about that character from the Exorcist that is just evil on a whole different level.


That was AWEFUL!!!!

Shame on that guy!