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Poor Injection...

I injected 2cc of test e (500mg) and 1cc of deca (300mg) into my right glute on Wednesday. It felt fine. By Thursday I had some flu-like symptoms and I assumed it was “test flu” that I so often hear of. I also had soreness but this is not my first cycle and I am used to it. By Friday my flu-like symptoms persisted and I had some nausea.

Over the weekend the flu-like symptoms cleared up as did the nausea and by today (Monday) the pain has subsided quite considerably. However I still have a large knot and the most odd part is 3 of my toes have a slight sensation of numbness. Injection site is not red and I’d say it is very slightly warmer than the other side although hard to tell.

I’m considering seeing my GP as I tend to get paranoid about this stuff.

So two questions:

Should I see my GP?

and secondly:

How have you guys that have ended up going to your doctor about injection site issues handled it? When you made your appointment did you tell the receptionist you injected steroids?

Im not a doctor, but I play one on the internet…

Everytime you question going to a GP, its probably a good idea to go.

As far as telling a doc about your usage, I would probably admit to it, if it was enough of an issue for me to goto the doc, its enough of an issue for me to own up to it.

don’t tell the receptionist shit if you don’t want to. Just say you have seasonal allergies or something bogus.

There is a law that protects the privacy of such matters. HIPPA is the name of it and it’s a beautiful thing. Tell the doc the truth. Oh yea and fuck the receptionist if she will let you…J/K Bro. Keep me posted


Hey, i had similar probs w/ a quad shot, minus the toe numbness. But I’d definately see a doc if my i had numbness distal to the shot, may have hit a nerve. The whole thing about the telling the doc is fine. I had to go once, was allergic to whatever was in some mexican test. I broke out from head to toe and he was cool about it. HIPPA keeps his mouth shut. Hope everything turns out well.