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Poor Grip Strength

I’m not a total newbie, but far from seasoned lifter. My biggest problem I’m having is my grip. It’s not a matter of slipping, but rather just my hands opening up during deadlifts.

Tonight for example I did 3x10 with 225lbs doing stiff leg deadlifts. I was right at the edge of dropping the bar by the 10th rep. I’ve racked pulled 400lbs no prob, although for only 10 seconds, then my hands just give out.

This is really starting to limit me now. I can’t do more than 225lb for deadlift sets much more than 10 reps.

I’m almost thinking about getting wraps, although it’s going to look silly. I’ve been lifting on an off for 4 years now, and been consistenly lifting for 6 months. My grip is just simply not keeping up anymore.

Any tips?

I am no expert so I found a good article for you :slight_smile: This seems to cover most aspects of grip training.

You could always pick up a book entitled,

“Mastery of Hand Strength” by John Brookfield.

I own this book and its amazingly in depth.

I’m not sure when the article that wiiwii showed you was written, but the way its broken down looks just like the way this book is. The book is more in depth and provides a lot of ideas, more so than that article.

Good luck.

For the time being I’d get straps, and I don’t see why they’d be silly. If anything in the eye’s of the lamen gym member you just went from 225x10 struggling to 225+ x 10 not struggling.