Poor Eating In the Military

I just recently joined the USMC and I'm currently going to my MOS school in Camp Johnson, NC. I know that eating a lot of food like every 2-3 hours is a really important part of bulking. I could somewhat do this at home. However here we only get 3 chows a day. We can still buy stuff like creatine and whey protein at the PX. So my question is for anyone in the military, how did you manage to eat massive amounts of calories while you were a student?

been to Camp Johnson. place sucks. when you go through chow in the evening, grab some apples, bananas, that yogurt they have.
when you get some libo, take a taxi to mainside and hit up the comissary and get stuff like pre-cooked breaded chicken, wheat bread, peanut butter, etc. whats your MOS