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Poor Circulation


I truly appreciate your time if you decide to contribute information to my dilemma.

Ever since I can remember, I have had terrible circulation to my hands. I have been to many doctors and they have all said there is nothing wrong with me, my heart, or my blood. The doctors even say that heart medication could fix my problem, but "they would not put a perfectly healthy individual on heart medication".

I am a 22 year old male and have been lifting on/off since 18. I believe this "condition" of mine is detrimental to the development of my forearms. For instance, I can workout biceps and do wrist rollers, but my hands/wrists are still very cold. This leads me to believe that my blood is not delivering nutrients to these areas. I also feel a "lock up" in my forearms when I work them, it feels like the blood is trapped in my forearms yet wont flow into my wrist/hand.

I have looked into vasodilation products for years, I did a round of Nitrix years ago, MRI no2 (both worked to an extent, but not what I'm looking for + taking all those pills is a nuisance.)

I am planning a new stack although I am concerned with some overlapping ingredients / blood pressure.

The stack would be as follows:

AOR Beets 'N' Berries (Dietary Nitrates) (not sure the amount of nitrates in 1 serving) (currently using)
Universal Torrent (currently using)
AOR Ortho-Core (11,000% DV // 647mcg Vitamin B12)(currently using)
Omega Sports Ultima (125,000% DV // 7500mcg Vitamin B12)
Hemavol (20,883% DV // 1200mcg Vitamin B12)

This seems like way too much Vitamin B12 (156,883% DV), I have done my research and read its "water soluble" etc, but this still does not seem like a good idea. I am considering dropping Ultima from the line-up as vasodilation is my main concern, not energy/focus.

Any recommendations on what to do? I've used Beets 'N' Berries before, so I do not believe nitrates are a problem for me. Although, on both the AOR label and Hemavol label they mention not to use the product with erectile dysfunction medication. I don't take medication for ED, but it seems this two products may not be suitable to use together.

In all, I am just worrisome when it comes to combining all of these products. Once again, I appreciate all of your time.