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Poor Circulation While on Gear


Hi Guys,

I did a search on this first but couldnt find anything... im running:

200mg EQ/250mg Test-E Every 3.5 days. im 16 Days into it and im having terrible blood circulation issues.

Ill wake up in the morning and if im lying on my side, my entire arm will be numb. or if im holding the phone to my ear for 5 minutes my hand will be numb. i have only ever had this happen while i was on cycle. (In the past iv used prohormones).

Has anyone else noticed this?

i know its not serious.. im just curious.



It goes away post cycle. Or at least it does for me. If you get to the point where you can hold your phone to your ear for more than a couple of minutes without getting a painful pump you know you are doing something right.

I don't know of any solutions though, sorry.

I guess numbness in your hands during a workout or during an activity would be of greater concern. Just a guess though


Get used to it and revel in it. Your muslces are getting big enough that they are starting to squeeze those blood vessels and restrict circulation when you hold (usually your) arms in the "wrong" positions. Sleeping is the worst. I continue to have it circulation issues off cycle, but when on cycle I will wake myself up at least 4 times a night with a completely numb arm. It got to the point with me that I forced myself to learn to fall asleep on my back and (generally) stay that way. It's much better now that I've started sleeping this way.

As far as actual circulation issues, especially while using eq, I doubt you are having any true problems.

3.5 days means twice a week? If not, that sounds complicated.


if laying on my stomach my left arm goes dead I sit up shake it off and go back to laying down
when sitting my feet go numb

this thing is not circulation related because aas actually increases RBC production
what it is is there is extra weight on the vessels and such that wasnt there even a week ago
its like someone laying on your arm
youll get used to it

EDIT: my bad it was already mentioned lol


thanks guys. Good to know i'm now officially huge buffs nails.


yeah bruva.. saturday lunch and wednesday morning.


I was just going to make a post about this because I was wondering the same thing. Definitely the worst at night for me.

I think it could possibly have to do with the new muscle pressing on the nerves. Simply because mine seems to go numb with an ulnar distribution mainly.


Use some arginine,that will open things up with vasodilation.


Ditto on Bonez and Conquistador


Happens to me too - only in the peak of a cycle - and this was the conclusion i came to also.. :wink:


I have been waking up with right sided numbness in my pinky, ring finger, and hand. It stays numb and feels strange for a while after I wake up. It seems to go numb several times at night. I am getting worried and am even considering stopping my cycle early so I could go to the doc. Anyone else have any experience with such a problem?


I think I know why I may be having these issues and its not related to the gear but more my posture of this arm (bending the right arm at the mouse at the computer) + bending the arm when I sleep. This is compressing my ulnar nerve.

Stop my cycle!? Now that was a pretty irrational thing to say, I'm glad I got a hold of myself!

Still interested in any other experiences with this.


Use some asprin, yohimbee, ginko bologa. That stuff helps out blood circulation for me. Also B-12. If i take this while on cycle all the stuff youall talking about goes away. winkroar3 said arginine thats good as well.


Same thing happened to me.

I would wake up and my arm would be numb to the point that I couldn't move it.

Picture a 245 pound guy flopping his arm around trying to hit snooze on his alarm clock, ha.


Does it still happen or did it get better when you are off cycle?


I'm fine now. My guess is that your body is growing too fast while on gear. It takes it longer than that to get used to being bigger.