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Poor Bjork! Iceland's Economy.


Could this happen in the U.S.?


The success of Iceland's appropriated Reaganomics.


I fail to see what this has to do with Reaganomics.

Iceland has a bloated military force, a huge spending bill, and slashed regulation?

Article didn't mention that.


Iceland's economy was very limited and hit hardest by the financial crisis.

Could it happen here? Not the same way because we do retain some viable industries but it is going to get worse here before it gets better.


Bjork is ugly as home-made sin and she can't sing worth a fuck. She's has more to worry about than her country's economic woes.


I want to bork Bjork.

HA HA! I made a funny!


Iceland has no military. They had NATO stationed there but kicked them out in '04 or '05 I believe.


Good article in October Harpers Magazine providing background on Iceland's economy and politics ("News From Nowhere: Iceland's Polite Dystopia").


The article was timely in light of the fact that at the time the magazine hit the stands Iceland's economy had not yet melted down.