Poor Bench???

Hello T-Nation

wonder if anyone can help?
I’m 47, been training for a long time…Squat is fine, deadlift I’m pleased with, Chins/Pull Ups ok, power cleans and any pressing above my head is ok too…but my bench is shit!

At 18 I got Cancer, was very ill, had the lower lobe of my left lung removed leaving a nasty scar which starts right under my armpit continuing under mt rib cage and along my abs to my belly button.
Would that have had anything to do with it?

I get my feet in a good position (I think) squeeze my shoulder blades together, engage my lats and try and use as much force and power from the floor through my legs to my upper body…but still not able to break a good weight.

I have been a bricklayer for 30 years so I am strong in the back, but it puzzles me as to why my bench is so crap!

Maybe I’m just one of those blokes who is shit at benching!

Not getting too hung up about it, just maybe I’m doing something wrong and someone might have some advice.


If the operation left the muscle tissue intact and you have no pain/discomfort from stretching the scar tissue in your skin, it shouldn’t have a negative impact on your bench.

There are several articles on the subject, but i would recommend this one http://www.T-Nation.com/readArticle.do?id=459808&cr=supplements by Dave Tate.