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Poor Al Gore

I was watching the news recently when Al Gore began to rant and rave about Dubya. Al stated that W’s war on terrorism is in shambles. What? W has prosecuted this war with vigor and intelligence. We have used local forces to achieve brillant successes. Freedom reigns in Afghanistan. Women have been able to cast off their shackles of oppression. We have been sensitive to the political situation of Pakistan’s president. W. has begun the process of making a real Office of Homeland Security. We have killed or captured a large number of bad guys. Our intelligence and military operatives are fanning out across the globe. We are fighting a new kind of enemy. We have had to adapt to their tactics of stealth and suicide attacks. Our war is fought on a myriad of different fronts. All in all, George W. has shown himself to be a marvelous leader. Pretty good for a man that the liberal elite said was lacking in intelligence.
Al’s little speech reminded me of how pathetic he is. I asked myself, what does this guy know about foreign policy? This guy “learned” what little he knows from one of the most irresponsible of all Presidents. I look forward to 2004. I hope Gore is the Democratic candidate. W. is going to wipe him out. I have watched W. grow in innumerable ways. Al, on the other hand, seems to be engaged in the same old, liberal, partisan politics. He sounds like a broken record. Poor Al Gore.

LightandFluffy: “President” Cheney is performing this “good job”, Dubya is too busy doing things like waving at Stevie Wonder. As for “catching the bad guys” - where is Bin Ladin?


What makes you think Bin Laden would have been captured or killed if Gore was president? It’s not like we haven’t known about the skrawny towelhead for years. Clinton had some chances, he lobbed a couple cruise missiles at him, but backed out of other opportunities. What makes you think Gore would have the balls to go after Al Quaeda with the same resolution that W’s administration has?

I’ll go you one better, SBC (speaking of Clinton having had his chances). Sudan offered Bin Laden up on a SILVER FUCKING PLATTER to Clinton and he TURNED IT DOWN!!! HELLOOOOOO, MCFLY!!!

Gore has no room to speak on the War on Terrorism at any rate. He was #2 man in an administration that assiduously avoided doing anything about the multiple terror attacks effectuated against the U.S. abroad, while at the same time disemboweling our military strength to the point that the Joint Chiefs now question whether we could mount an effective military campaign against an Iraqi regime much weaker than the one that W’s father ran over back in 1991. Gore, as usual, is just a whole lot of noise.

my post, SUPERbeefcake. I made no mention of anytype of “speculation” on what Gore’s performance as Prez would have been. I made no mention of Gore alltogether.

I am a political "cynic" - I do not fall into a "republican" or "democrat" categories. Neither do I wish to. And while I'm happy that people can voice their political opinions on this board - I just really wish topics such as politics and religion not be discussed here. Especially with all the "typing challenged" individuals on this forum, kinda makes these topics better for face to face discussions.


I was not too sold on W. when he took office but he has earned my respect over the past 18 months. Gore, it seems, is still upset over losing a close election. IMO Gore sounds like a whiny school boy was knocked out in a game of dodgeball.

I’m with LightandFluffy on this one. I voted for W, and I’m looking forward to voting for him again. I saw the Twin Towers crumble from only a few blocks away, and believe we need a president who understands our need for a strong military to keep the barbarians in check.

I mentioned this back during the campaign. A leader is someone who understands how to build a team. A leader knows his stengths and weeknesses and works accordingly to make the best situations possible. That is what our President has done. His team has been called by many liberal scholars the best cabinet in our history while Clinton had more cabinet changes than just about any president in history. Gore is not a stupid man but he does say and do stupid things and Clinton is the same. Also Gore is the biggest hypoctite I can think of. This guy has been campaigning his whole career for the enviroment yet with no young children to drive around and no hard labor of any kind to conduct daily this man drives a HUGE SUV. I think its a lincoln navigator. Well at least he bought american. The last time we had a decent democrat in the white house was JFK and not one democrat out there right now is even half as qualified.

Al Gore. LOLOLOL Nuff said!

To quote the real “Demo Dick” Richard Marchinko, "The Candy Assed Vice President is even worst when it comes to supporting the military. He spends all his time raising money for his run at being president and avoiding indictment for how he raised it.

Al is not a team builder. His record shows that.

We as a people will not get better politicians until we change the process on how they get elected.

Thank the good Lord Al Gore wasnt elected - we’d be living in a very different post 9-11 America if he had…

Wake up, folks! There is not a nickels worth of diff between them – at least not in the areas that really matter. Either would grow the government and make it more intrusive, just in different ways. Either would reduce freedom, just in different ways. look at Bush’s response to the probability of more attacks: Another huge bloated federal bureaucracy, one which will feed on itself like all the others, getting bigger and bigger.
I really can’t tell whether those in power acually are as clueless as they seem, or are complete and total cynics. Meanwhile, our borders are overrun by literally MILLIONS of people from our “friends” to the south, while Bush panders to the hispanic vote and considers amnesty for those that broke the law to get into our country. So much for security and defending our borders. The next big one will be a suitcase of god knows what walked across the desert into San Diego or Pheonix. At this point it is clear that it will take a suitcase nuke or the biological equivalent to get some real action our of our so-called government. I know that a lot of people love Bush – but you have to look at what he is doing, not what he says. We need to close the borders, throw out everyone of mideastern extraction that is not a citizen, and tighten things up. It is beyond me how blowing up a bunch of camel dung in A-stan will stop a group that can operate out of Germany and Miami. Something wicked this way comes, and those in power are more worried about staying there than stopping it. Here’s hoping that all you guys posting from LA and NYC will be here next year. …“twenty centuries of stony sleep were vexed to nightmare by the rocking of a cradle, and what rough beast, its hour come round at last, now slouches towards Bethlehem to be born.”

I’ll say one thing in Al Gore’s defense. If it wasn’t for him, we wouldn’t be having this discussion right now. After all, he invented the internet… LOL