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Pools in Vegas


Going to Vegas this weekend and wanted to check out some pools. What do you guys recommend? I checked out Rehab at the Hard Rock and jesus $150!!!! No thanks. Any decent deals or are they all pretty pricey?


Ceasars has a topless pool. Mandalay Beach has a pretty nasty pool. I have been but I bet Palms would be up there as well.


This pretty much sums up my suggestions.


Just ask around for "adult pools" and you'll find something.



Mandalay. You have a flag on your chair. Flip it up, a girl in a bikini brings you a drink.


MOnte Carlo has a nice pool, and of course the Hard Rock has that awesome beach. Wow, that is a lot of money--last time I stayed at the Hard Rock the pool was free...maybe I am misunderstanding something, though?


It isn't that much everyday, just Sundays. I am guessing you get free drinks. You better, for that kinda coin.



cool website


It will be $150 well spent. All others pale in comparison. One of the more entertaining things to do in Vegas.


That really is a bad ass web page!