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Pool Days Have Officially Ended


Let the winter bulk fest begin.


Amen. Although, I only started my cut halfway through summer...so I suck.


Hell yea...I love eating big.

Speaking of which...Thanksgiving is coming up and I'm gonna snatch the family leftovers. They'll go to a better use with me anyway.


Still hitting the pool here.


fuck yourself


Sweet, now I have an excuse for my abs not being visible. But I�??m still cutting back on booze.


hah ive been attempting to bulk since may

also jacked diesel.. do u lift in the main part of fike or in the dungeon


you go to clemson too? whats your name, I lift in fike.


Amazing avatar


im supposed to start my bulk now? what are abs?


abs cant punch people in the face, that should be your motivation


Funny thing is, I lose weight in the winter simply because I can go outside and enjoy activities and even work. Whereas during the summer I want to hide inside from the fucking oppressive heat. Also, I seem to function better in the cooler climate. My body has no problem in using stored energy when it's cold (or cooler), whereas the hot, sticky weather shuts my metabolism down.

I am fully anticipating the winter and the benefits it provides me.


I don't how it is out there in the rest of the world, but it was 90 god damn degrees here today.

but this is Arizona, we only have 2 seasons.


University pool party in November for me. Gotta stay lean until then haha.


I prefer winter weather too and am actually cutting down for my December holiday in sunny South Africa.




Me too.




Same here, I started in may! I can't let myself let up until mid jan or feb. That will give me a month to sit at that weight to reassure I keep my gains and then another two months to cut the excess fat off before hot weather.

If not for looks, it's almost as if I feel more comfortable with less body fat when it's balls hot outside.


Hell no! I'm not doing that bullshit bulking crap anymore! All that happens is that I get fat, look like shit, feel like shit and have to bust my ass for several months to get lean again. It's a vicious cycle.

I'm staying lean(er) year round and focusing on getting bigger, stronger and faster at the same time!!!

I'll take off my shirt so I can look good when I punch people in the face!