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I started lifting and dieting the marine corps way 8 months ago. Exercise a lot and eat salad. I’ve lost 32 pounds and toned my muscles. I down to 190 and am going for 180 or maybe 172, if I can push it that far. Going for tone, not bulk because I’m 53 and have diabetes. I’m looking pretty good except a pooch on my lower abs that I can’t seem to get rid of. I do about a 1000 situps a week but they don’t get it. What exercise will tighten the lower abs? And, what about the sides to get rid of what’s left of my handles?

hold up…rewind. forget about this post, and any other post you may or may not have posted in the near future. start from issue #1 and dont post until you have finished all the issues. if you think that doing 1000 sit ups and eating salad is a great fat loss regimen you have a lot to learn. dont be upset with me for my harsh tone, because the advice i just gave you is 100% certain to change your life for the better.

Bob, on your way in next time read that copy of FAQ you probably tripped over.
Hit the home link to your left screen.Down under the index you will see “Frequently Asked Questions” under “Reader Mail”.