Ponytails and Plaits

Ok, whats the nicest thing to see in a gym? (insofar as fit lasses are concerned) cuz the general feeling in mine seems to be a tight ass, but pretty much all the regulars love to see a ponytail bobbing up 'n down on a treadmill, 'n i’m quite partial to a nice plait, too. Anyone else got any opinions?

I hear ya! something about girls with baseball hats with the ponytails popping out the back, so damned cute!

I actually like when women have decent calves,… not huge distguisting man calves, but hate stick legs! Had a friend who was pretty hot, except the widest part of her legs were her knees,… really used to creep me out! -lol

Ponytails & asses are good, but what aare plaits? Is that some kind of British word for something?

A set of HUGE bouncing breasts, especially if she’s wearing just a sports bra or something. In all honesty, I don’t notice the ladies in the gym too often… I get into an intense “Im pumping iron” zone.

Me doing 1RM on the bench press.

agreeing with the ass, but you forgot one of the best parts…nice stomach. mmmmmmm

oh yeah, baseball caps rock :slight_smile: ‘plait’ is pronounced ‘plat’…

Plaits is another word for braids.

im gonna have to agree on the baseball cap with a ponytail coming out. damn cute. plus, you know the girl is hot if she looks hot working out! i mean, looking hot for prom or going out is one thing, but looking hot au natural at the gym, i repeat my previous statement…mmmmmmm

Yep…a baseball cap, Ponytail, pretty eyes, and a smile that melts you when she ask “Are you using those dumbells?”…

yeah, the funniest things when youve got some hardcore BBer in between sets, 'n she persuades him to part with his DBs - then afterwards hes sitting there wondering how that happened…
and hell yeah to sexy tummies - why are so many lasses afraid of developing a nice light 6pack?? damn fine if ya ask me.

I like to see a nice camel’s hoof…

Braids or ponytails or as I like to call them. Power Steering.

Dude! Get out of the girl’s section and they won’t ask you if you’re using those 5 lb. dumbbells.

What is it about a pony tail that men love so much?? It’s reasons like these that women don’t feel feminine having short hair. Even I feel like that sometimes. Guys, let me tell you, women with short hair are the shit!! (I may be a little biased…I think a few T-men can agree)

I agree with Stu. Good calves, no cankles (undistinguishable where the calve ends and the ankle begins)! No long T-shirts cuz you’re covering up a big ass.

Something about a little sweat gets me going too.

ponytails with a baseball cap, watching nice buns on the stairmaster, watching women use the abductor/adductor machine, watching women squat…

ok on the baseball cap subject; i saw something friday that almost made me nut in my pants. i was stretching before my workout, and saw one of my favorite gym bunnies (actually this chick would totally qualify for a t-vixen) hitting (tapping, but nonetheless) the heavy bag, wearing one of those baby t-shirts, capri black spandex, and a backwards fitted hat to show off her ridiculously pretty face. holy balls it was a nice view.