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Pondering a Thought

I have been on HRT since 2006 and I think I’m in the best shape of my life. I get blood drawn every 4 weeks and due to a heavy schedule it’s been 6 weeks and my RBC was 20.0. That’s the highest I have ever seen. Since I do feel great, workout, and run dailey, I wonder if giving blood than often is good for the body. I have read that giving blood 3 times a year cuts a mans chance of having a heart attack in half. I am just trying to find the happy medium. I don’t won’t to wear out my blood making cells.

Can anyone tell me if it is bad to give blood every four weeks for life??? What will that do to the body?

RBC shelf life is around 100 - 120 days. You’ve been changing them over at this rate since you were in the womb and will continue to do so until the day you die.

Shit, man, women bleed for a week every month and don’t croak from it (except for when their husbands finally snap from all the nagging).

So, no… there is no need to worry about “wearing out” anything. Just give blood at whatever rate keeps your CBC panel in check and makes you most comfortable.