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Pon De Floor


Step 1: Play video
Step 2: Don't comment till you've watched all of it


this is why you shouldn't smoke crack, kids...


I think this is exactly the reason you should smoke crack. That was awesome.


I'm actually going to go ahead and......not watch that in its entirety.


i didnt watch any of it


It's also great because Major Lazer is actually a DJ group of two middle aged white dudes


Major lazer actually went to my school... it was kinda boring, but I'm a nerd.

As for the video... meh, nothing you wouldn't expect out of major lazer.


Yea, I can't go to any school events cause I'm an engineer. No social life.

Good/funny video though.


It didn't make sense til I saw who the director was.


nothing says cool like a keyboard guitar...


diplo and switch (ie. major lazor) are the shit; of course i've been listening to diplo since the early days of hollertronix. that dude never ceases to amaze me.