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Poms - Explain Yourselves


WTF is this shit are why the fuck is it being marketed internationally? For fucks sake why the fuck did you bloody fellas stop giving the world good rock musicians...


Vid is blocked dude. No idea what you're talking about.


Apparently he won the world rap battle or something of that ilk a few years ago.
There is an abundance of UK hip hop/ grime knocking about over here at the moment. Most of it is dreadful pop musci masquerading as hip hop.

Case in point:

I reserve a special type of hatred for these cunts.


The video has been cock blocked for american! OUTRAGE!!!!!!!!!!!






english 'pop music' is shit these days, as is everywhere



Thats not British.


lol, what up, gangsta?

bang maffaca, bang!!!!!!!


Iron Maiden have a new album out so that makes up for it a little.


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I can't see any of these videos. I guess that's a good thing.


They test some of these groups by releasing their shit in Europe before it gets released in America. NSync was well known overseas before most here had even heard of them...but that is what allowed them to polish their routine. By the time they hit the charts here, they were working like a professional "music group".


Pop music? Low quality? When did that happen?


I like this song!



Yeah I like Plan b. Saw him at the I tunes festival, and he sounds a lot better live. He has a lot of grit in his voice that's not apparent on his records. He did this mad dubstep mash up with faith sfx beat boxing.

actually here's faith fx doing an arnold inspired beat box...


Not all is bad. Mitchell Bros., or Dan bull here with a great tune running down the history of video games during the 80s & 90s.

Pop music is always, and has always been at least 50% drivel.


Plus, that Yolanda Be Cool tune is fucking awesome


I liked the violent non-dancing dancing going on in the video. It spoke to my angst.