What do you guys think of this fruit. I think it’s called the “Chinese apple”. Supposedly, it has all types of antioxidants. I’ve seen pomegranate juice sold in the supermarket. Attatched to it is a tag comparing the antioxidants in pomegranate, green tea, blueberries,fish oil, ect. The pomegranate had the most antioxidants. It sounds like something we should all be eating/drinking.

one word…long word

phytoestrogen…big time…very potent, almost worse than hops if i can recall hehe

one time in 3rd grade, some asshole that used to pick on me drove buy on his bike and he had a passanger on his handlebars. i grabed a pomegranate from a tree and hid until the some bitch drove buy. as he approached i chucked the fruit at him and knocked em both on their asses!

this is a true story.

They are a pain in the ass, they are full of seeds and it takes ages to get the fruit out. Taste pretty good though.

i wonder if there are any useful amounts of antioxidents when it is in juice form and has been sitting on the shelf for weeks in a clear glass bottle.

Anybody know?

I see the juice at the local store and it is extremely expensive… expensive for fruit juice, anyway.

Green Tea is still Calorie-Free.

Dan “Poet and Doesn’t Know It” McVicker