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Pomegranate Juice

I keep reading about people raving about how healthy Pomegranate Juice is. Is there any truth to this or is another way to drink sugar like any other juice?

I guess that would depend on how much of the juice is from pomegrantes.Ive heard alot about them in the news lately as well.I could be wrong but I beleive they have some strong anti-oxidants in them.The fruit itself tastes amazing but its a pain in the ass to pick out all the seeds.That being said I think they taste so gooooooood.
Ive been hooked on them since I was ten. They’re so good that if I was getting the chair there would definetly be one on my plate with a caesar salad,T-bone and cheeseburger with fries
and a chocalate milkshake.You get the point

It’s supposed to have more antioxidants than any other fruits, even blueberries. As for the sugar content, I’m not sure. I know Pom is the big seller I think, but I’ve never looked at the back to see if it’s mostly sugar, and what % juice it is. I’ll check it out next time I go to the store. As for taste, I found it a little strange, but definitely enjoyable.

To-Shin Do

In my opinion, I don’t really think that the benefit to ratio of sugar to nutritional content is really worth it. You would probably be better off eating the actual fruit which probably has fiber and intact nutritients rather than the pasteurized version which has probably been shipped and sitting on the shelf for weeks. Thats just my opinion