What are some other sources of some good fats besides flax and fish, cause I take fish oil every day, but I need something for my calories. Cause flax makes me nauseated beyond belief. Thanks

Olive oil, olives, walnuts, pistachios, almonds, natural peanut butter and even some coconut (debatable is some circles) are all good sources of fat to help bump up your cals. Just make sure to keep the fish oil up and try to get 1 T of flax a day.

Olive oil may be the best, as it can be consumed in larger quantities with little G.I. distress. I totally agree that natural peanut butter is also great (as a source of monounsaturates) and it’s easy on the stomach, too. So is pasture-fed beef, if you can afford it. Oils in capsular form may cause more problems than those in liquid form consumed as part of meals. Garlic oil and primrose oil also have special properties, if you can handle them gastrically.

I wrote a little recipe article called “Good Fat and Where It’s At” a while ago; check the archives if interested.

Note from Mod: The article is also is the new paper issue of T-mag.

Almond butter rocks!!!

Why would oils in capsule form (if taken with a meal( be any different that liquid oils taken with a meal??