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Polyphasic Sleep & Recovery


Not sure if this is the section to put this in, but, I have been reading about polyphasic sleep.
Doing multiple naps in order to get more REM sleep for less time.


It reduces sleep time from 6 to 3 hours a day depending on how you implement it.
Do any of you know anything about this? Do you think one could maintain a body building schedule and do this.


No, I don't know anything about this, and no, I don't think one could successfully maintain a body building schedule.

Why don't you like sleep? I for one enjoy not seeing the world for a good 8 hours.


I researched this quite a bit a couple of years ago. It's always been in the back of my mind as something I'd like to try at some point. The main reason for not doing it at the time was that I could not see how you could an incorporate an effective workout regime into it.

If you do give it a go though, set up a thread on here to document your journey. You'll have plenty of time to write your updates...


If this legitimately allows you to function well (not just survive) with so little sleep that would be amazing. I sort of took an involuntary crash course in a similar sleep cycle for the first 3 months after my daughter was born, but I could not recommend it to anyone.

I would definitely be curious about impact on recovery/growth etc. as well as cognitive function over the long term. Please throw up any decent info/personal experiences you turn up.

I, for one, am always wanting more time for work, family, study, training, leisure etc, etc and can definitely see the appeal of freeing up time spent sleeping for other things, but not at the expense of health/vitality.










DJHT, thank you for making this thread not turn out like every other thread on this topic ever.

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To my knowledge, no, you cannot maintain a bodybuilding or even average gym goer lifestyle like this. Your CNS will crash and burn, you'll feel like shit, and you certainly can't get enough rcovery time.


No problem, its just the normal every month somebody has to put a thread up about sleep issues. And I still think this the the Mexican Identity of HH.


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