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Polydextrose + AD

Hey everyone,
Wondering what people thought of polyd and inulin on the AD - effects etc. further, in terms of carbs how many do we count them as.

Nobody knows anything? (Yes, a shameless bump)

first, i don’t know anything about the anabolic diet; haven’t had the time to read into or review it.
if your question is on oligosaccharides such as inulin and things like FOS, fractionated rice oligodextrins, etc, then what’s the question? are they similar in caloric content as simple carbs? if the latter is your question, then there are essentially three abridged answers i can offer:

  1. according to the USDA and FDA (for food labeling), the answer is sadly no; all nutrients placed into one of the three respective buckets (i.e. CHO, PRO or FAT) are treated as having generally the same energy value as the parent nutrient group.

  2. little info exists to tell you for certain, one way or the other.

or, 3) based upon what we know about some of these compounds, a good rule of thumb MAY BE the shorter the oligosaccharide chain (i.e. the closer it gets to a simple sugar), the more the body responds to it as it does such a simple sugar. May be why maltodextrin, one of the simplest of oligosaccharides, doesn’t create all that different an insulin response (though it is indeed better) than does a disaccharide. Rice oligodextrins (sometimes listed as rice syrup solids or fractionated rice oligodextrins), a bit more complex an oligosaccharide, do show better insulin response and osmotic properties…which would also indicate the added oligosaccharide benefit typically associated w/ FOS, etc, as aiding in a sort of pre-biotic fashion to support the large intestine good microflora.

Don’t know if any of that is what you were interested in learning. If so, then hopefully it helped. - c

Thanks for that lockwood.
A down and dirty summary of the AD - low carb (sub 30g) on weekdays with moderate pro and high fat
weekends - high high carb, low pro low fat.

was wondering how they pan out in terms of carbohydrate count (with ‘AD Carbs’ being inclusive of sugar alcohols but noninclusive of fibre). As they’re fibre I thought maybe not included, but then they are sort of sugar based so…

Still inconclusive but thanks for that info :slight_smile: