Poly squat suit

Should you squat with the same width in a singly-ply poly squat suit as the west-side guys do. I heard that you can’t be out much farther than shoulder width unless you have a canvas or a denim suit (even though I’ve been squatting wide without any suit for the last few months with no injuries). I was just wondering what everyone’s thoughts are.

Yes you should still be out wide in a poly suit…what poly suit is it??..bm

ok i think i know what your talking about now…your not talking about your suit your talking about your fed right??..the only guys who squat in a single ply poly are ipf/usapl lifters…and they call you for depth in the usapl for going 3 inches below parrlel lol…i know most usapl lifters i know have to pull there stance in to a medium stance to be able to get low enough to hit depth…am i right here ???bm

Yea, you’re right it was the depth issue mostly. I haven’t entered my first meet yet, but was trying to make sure I wouldn’t miss any lifts on depth before I order a suit and compete. I didn’t realize there was such a difference between the feds on the way they judge adequate depth, so I’ll probably bring my stance in a little then.

Rock n roll- what suit is it???..there really isnt a huge diffirence in feds really except the usapl…in the apf and ipa u just have to hit parrellel and come up…and the judeges and the competitiors are very consistent in knowing where parrllel is and is called…the usapl the judges are very inconisistent they are known for calling a good squat a inch or so below parrellel…but some judges wont call depth until you go 2-4 inches below…big m

bigm is correct. You can squat as wide as you want in a poly.

If you are going to compete USAPL, it is much more difficult to get “convincingly deep” with an ultra wide stance. By convincingly deep, I mean a solid inch past the point where the hip crease is below the knee. If you want to compete in the fed, you need to do this b/c borderline depth leaves the call at the judges discretion which you never want.

Here is a decent article for you to read:


You will just have to find a stance width that works for you and doesn’t require you to spend much time trying to push through and “find” depth.

Focus your attention on developing a good, strong rebound. It should carry you @ 1/3 of the way back up leaving you to muscle up the rest…no big deal.

Good luck.