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Poly Fats and Fiber


I read they reduce T-levels. This is alarming considering I have a TON of fiber in my diet. Does anyone actually avoid these for that reason?


I avoid fiber because it messes with my digestion. Everything runs smoothly as long as I stay away from fiber-rich foods and grains other than rice. Soluble fiber (oats, cruciferous vegs) is especially pernicious, it always gives me crazy gas (with a most hideous odour). Fiber is way overrated as a component of human nutrition IMO, and many would probably benefit from avoiding/reducing it regardless of what it does to T-levels. If you suffer from constipation, try to avoid wheat and eat more fat.

Fiber can also reduce your vit D levels and your total cholesterol (including HDL, not a good thing). Cholesterol is a precursor to testosterone.

As for poly fats, the main classes are omega-3 and omega-6. The omega-6 ones are the ones to avoid as much as possible. I try to not eat anything that has vegetable oil as an ingredient most of the time. Most of your fat intake should be saturated and monounsaturated (animal fat, olive/coconut/macadamia/palm oil). Beware that pork and chicken fat have a higher omega-6 content than other animal fat. Again, the potential of these fats to reduce T-levels is only one reason to avoid them. I do remember seeing a study where testosterone correlated negatively with omega-6 intake and positively with saturated fat intake.

I don't know if a high intake of omega-3 fats (fish oil) can reduce your T-levels, but I personally take fish oil and eat salmon several times a week. There's plenty of evidence of the benefits/necessity of these EFAs (DHA/EPA) on multiple levels.

There are also omega-6 EFAs (Arachidonic Acid?), but you won't get a deficit of those unless you eat a zero-fat diet. Most people get way too much omega-6 from processed food (corn oil, soy oil etc).


I've read a lot of Johnny Bowden's material and he's a huge advocate of fiber. I eat salads LOADED with greens twice a day (I can fill myself up with virtually no carbs) and I have been experiencing crazy gas myself. I couldn't put my finger on what caused it, thought it could be dairy.

I was considering getting tested for food allergies! Steel cut oats have been a staple of mine for the last six months. My main sources of fat are almonds, walnuts, eggs, fish oil, and olive oil, I'm trying to get more animal fat in my diet. I always have lean cuts of turkey, chicken breast is the staple food of my diet. I try to eat WC salmon at least once a week.

Do you have any readings you'd recommend?


Try soaking your veggies or cooking them. It'll help with digestion & gas


Thanks, I'll certainly give that a try.

How long should they be soaked?


My friend i suggest that you dont get that much worried about food.As a T-Nation member you must know that you must eat your whole eggs,dairy,meat.These things really help with the testosterone(cholesterol turns into testosterone).So i would really not worry about your fiber intake if you are getting enough healthy foods

I have to agree though with Harry Potter.Some specific types of fiber really mess with your system.I would suggest to increase your avocado consumption and flad seeds.They have done miracles with my bowel movements and thank God,no gases!


Can lack of water influence gases and bowel movements? I mean, I started eating my oats without milk and I'm gaseous and deadly the whole day, and I don't get enough water in the morning...


I doubt it, at least I'm deadly all day also and I consume over 2 gallons.


Thanks, that's probably the most reasonable approach.