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Pollsters Continue to Prove Progressives Are Right About Everything



When you have no real counter arguments your decision is to be immature. Well done.

An opinion that actually affects the population. So you can repackage it anyway you want but the effects matter.

Yes they do as they will gauge how the country is run. It doesn’t matter at all if you agree or not.

Curious, why you gave results before last Tuesday’s election?

I stopped listening at “the democrats have moved too far to the right”.

That’s just… Not even based in objective reality. If that were the case Jim Webb would be POTUS right now.


I can’t believe you even clicked play.

Broken clocks are right twice a day, and how can I ever grow as a person if I don’t listen to people I disagree with.

I clicked play again. I made it 3m in… Dude really rubs me the wrong way to be honest.

Agreed; however, if OP posts it, well…

Okay… I made it through the full 8mins…

It’s dumb, and the “progressives” are welcome to continue on like this dude. He’s everything he says he doesn’t like lol.

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Color me surprised it was a waste of time, lol…

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What a derelict! Since you have nothing to say…

Well they the establishment/corporate/status quo certainly haven’t moved to the left. The fact that you can’t see what is going on just goes to show how well the propaganda system works in this country.

Keep up your willful ignorance.

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But that is the problem. You don’t LISTEN.

You are just mad the reps lost.

Only a waste to those who have already drank the Kool-Aid.


The fact I’m not a fan of socialist, commies or wanna-be socialists like Sanders has nothing to do with propaganda. It has to do with understanding basic freedom, liberty and the pursuit of a justice in our Union I hope can become more perfect.

I’m also not an envious little shit burger, so of course I reject collectivism.

Don’t make the assumption that I don’t listen just because I don’t come to the same conclusions that you do.

lol what? You mean last week? You are aware of the current state of the Dem party across the country right now correct?

Look, history says the Dems should be winning right now, and should win in 2018. Anything less than a blue wave in 2018 will be a failure on their part. Between history, and trump being this awful… Dems should sweep like crazy.