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Pollsters Continue to Prove Progressives Are Right About Everything

With the 2017 election results one can clearly see the tide is starting to change.

I think it is safe to say that the debate is settled now that progressives are saying that progressives are right about everything.




@Zeppelin795 You sir, are an exemplary troll. Carry on.


You can ignore the election results if you like but the nation is beginning to change as the greed of the elite has gone too far.

And you are just a pawn.

I informally polled my self and it turns out that I agree with me.

Yay Me!!!


The polls don’t lie. It is coming…

The caveat is: It depends on what type of democrat is running. If it is a status quo/establishment/corporate democrat then the election is anyone’s game. If it is a democrat who doesn’t take money from the corporations nor has a Super-Pac then they win.


Not gonna lie. I would watch that documentary.


Pollsters know opinions and only opinions. Opinions are like assholes. We all have them and most of them stink

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Let’s all let this sink to the depths where it belongs

Man, you can’t stand the fact that you are losing.

Are the results opinions?

Another sore loser,

As a matter of fact yes. The numbers of what percentage hold what opinion is only information about opinions. And as fast as that changes and as inaccurate as they often are. That info is not even reliable. What you do with it is a matter of opinion

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But they matter as they will help determine how things are governed.

What they mean requires one. Calling poll results facts is more than a stretch. Polling opinions does not change what they are. They are never anything more than that. No matter how you try to repackage them. It’s only an opinion

No they do not. We elect representatives. They vote. Polls mean almost nothing. Some just before an election look at them. Then base working on focus groups. It is more an effort to manipulate than to judge public opinion.