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To all of us who are studying and working to make a good living in the future…

WHERE do you realistically want to have a house in the future?

Please - allow me to start:

Near a beautiful beach with white sand, in a relatively isolated area (at least half mile from any area of commotion), but within 30 minutes of a city.
Virgin Islands (ok, ok, one can dream), California, Florida.

I could not live my whole life in te mountains if I wanted to. I’d be like a dog in a bird’s cage with nothing but a piece of lettuce to eat (what, everybody makes mistakes as a kid).

The job I hope to have will put me in So Cal. If I get a different job, I will not try to live here. I hope to retire in Alaska, where I would like to have a small cabin for the coldest months.

underwater capsule!!

You and I ClintPatty are completely different animals.

I NEED the beaches and the warm weather.

Then again I come from a family of tall and skinny ectomorphs. Our dad was known as ‘The Ladder’ and my brothers are all tall and skinny (except me, I managed to get to 208 lbs)

Our family has solid roots in the coast of Portugal where they lived by the ocean. Anyone should know we have solid history and tradition that spans 900 years of fishing and harvesting cattle crops (yes, we planted and collected pigs and cows along with the beans and the potatoes.

So there you have it, leave your warm beaches and retreat, so that I may fish and harvest small pigs and cows.

I’m sorry, I meant small PORKS and cows.

NYC…preferably a nice loft in the Village

To ask “where do you want to live” and imply that it will be ONE place just doesn’t fit with my paradigm. I need 4 locations. One in Seattle (family), one on the coast of Oregon (somewhere around Lincoln City/Newport), one in the Phoenix/Glendale area, and one on the western slopes of Montana. Each house will have the same floor plan (we already have it selected) but be in different styles. Each will be fully furnished and stocked, so when I travel between each, I don’t even need to pack. And I’ll keep the one I’m in now as a guest house for friends and family that come to town – they’ll have a place to stay, fully stocked, and with a car to use.

Split decision…

Either back in Michigan, on a rustic German farm made of filedstone and timber close to my family and closest friends, or on a horse ranch in the Glenwood Springs-Montrose-Gunnison triangle of Colorado.


I know this won’t be too popular, but I love where Im at in the burbs of Detroit.

Austin, Texas


“It ain’t the heat, it’s the humility”

~ Yogi Berra

Eventually, I’d like to come back to San Diego. Right now though, Flagstaff or Phoenix are looking mighty appealing.

Austin Good party town…

How do you plant cows and pigs???

Anyway Undecided, Houston is just to busy for me but NY was too cold hum may switch it up

Renegade when did you leave SD?

Somewhere in the hill country between San Antonio and Austin.


I live on the coast of South Carolina, in a town called Mount Pleasant. I’ve been here a year, after spending 3-1/2 years in the mountains of North Georgia. This place is the shit. I am 5 minutes from miles of beautiful beach and 20 minutes from downtown (great selection of clubs, bars, and restaurants). I grew up in Ft. Lauderdale and Miami and you couldn’t pay me to go back after being here.

I haven’t yet… Just thinkin about it.

Cool plans, brider.

I, too love the Seattle area, although I’d be on Whidbey island with it’s majestic views, yet quiet environment. And just a short jaunt to watch the Mariners and Seahawks.

Also love the Oregon Coast but would have to settle for somewhere around Cannon Beach.

And, I used to live in Glendale, AZ and would love to be golfing down there in the winter months when I’m not snow skiing in Colorado.

Come to think of it, since we’re on the same page as far as locations, can you just post your addresses here on the forum when your plans become a reality, so that our family of five can rotate visits to each home at our convenience?



In the Appilachian Mountains, by a stream, but with some room for a few cows, goats, and chickens. Nothing like fresh mountain air in the morning, or relaxing next to a mountain stream with the noon sun comming through the trees.

Right where I am. Good old Killingworth, CT. Got my 30 acre hobby horse farm which is next to a 10,000 acre state forest, 10 minutes to the beach and 15 minutes to skiing. We go to Montana every year for the mountains, Tucson for the desert and Cancun for the beach. How can ya beat it? Of course, my wife and I are not just starting out either. More like finishing up. :slight_smile: