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Poll: Your Resting Heart Rate on TRT

What is your heart rate during the day for those on Trt?

I guess resting. My seems to be higher when I increased my dose a few months ago.

Resting. Like when you sitting down during the day.

I’ll put up a poll but please comment.

  • Under 60
  • 60-69
  • 70-79
  • 80-89
  • 90-99
  • 100 or over

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My RHR during the day used to be below 60 and sleeping heart rate in the 40s but since starting bupropion my RHR is about 5-10 beats higher.

Edit - Just took it sitting here now at my PC and its 57 so who the fuck knows.

I started a supplement with l carnitine only 250 mg, ALA 150 mg and coq10 100 mg. Recommended dose is double but I only take 1 capsule. I don’t think this would cause a higher hr. It does go down to the 60s during the night. Need to check in waking again.

How is your overall health?

An Charlie 12

Good I guess. I do take a beta blocker and a ARB for blood pressure. Am 6’1 185 pounds.

I seem to be more aggressive and argumentative. I was planning on starting preg tonight to see if it helps with sleep. But idk I may want to go back down to 120 mg. Instead of 140.
I don’t want to change 2 things.

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