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POLL: Would you go down town if the blood bank is in town?

No not about donating blood. :wink:

A female friend ask me to post this poll. Oi!!! I say she owes me something. Hint hint!!! Kidding. Hehehe. :wink: Honest I’m kidding. :wink:

would men give oral sex to women if:

a. she’s not having her period

b. doesn’t matter (would go down on her even if she’s menstrating provided that the flow is light)

c. would NEVER consider going down on her under any circumstance(as in never ever)

Now remember folks nothing about stinky hoo hoo’s!!! Be nice! :wink:

I’ve eaten ass and played with the clit when a girl is on the rag.

Anything other than A) is disgusting.


Okay I’ve added a D choice for guys like Justin…

D. Would you eat that ass if it’s brown, yes yes I would I would go to town!

Hip hip horay for Dr. Seus. :wink:


I love it. But if there was any trace of blood or stank, fuck that shit. I’m staying far away. Thats just nasty.


you god damn pussies. I’m engaged, so it’s a little different than just a ‘wham bam thank you ma’am’ session.

Would Jared go down? Would JaredNFS go down? Would Justin Right? Ahh fuck it. Dammit you bastards!!!

A - of course

B - Red BADGE of courage but not red WINGS of courage

D - That’s sick. I have no desire for salad tossing/ass eating.

dude, you’d be surprised how many girls have anal fetishes.

What did one lesbian vampire say to the other lesbian vampire?

“Same time next month?” :wink:

All you guys saying “A” are cracking me up. Dudes, it’s all psychological.

A little blood never particularly bothered me. I’ll bet that every one of you has cut himself and sucked a little blood up from the wound at some time in your life. Right? No problem, right? So there goes the “blood is gross” argument.

“But char, that blood is different!” No it’s not. Everyone probably has also heard a story from a friend (or maybe has experienced it first-hand) where the friend went down on his GF in the dark and then found his chin bloody when he visited the bathroom afterwards. The point is, he didn’t know until he saw it in the mirror. It doesn’t feel different from the usual juices. It doesn’t taste different. So what’s the big deal?

Put me down for B. (And 33% more sex than you A’ers are ever going to have. :wink: )

A and A only. I actually enjoy doing it if she recipricates- doesn’t have to give me a BJ but better be prepared for some serious fucking if she doesn’t. I have never given it to a stinky unkept pussy as any sign of nastyness and I won’t even kiss that woman. Also, if my tongue doesn’t go there, neither does my dick. But I will put my shit in on her period as I had a very serious relationship with a girl who convinced me that that was ok and not too nasty as long as you get to wash your shit off and nothing strange is stuck to it when you pull it out. Tossing salad is not going to happen- I don’t want it and won’t give it. I guess Karma might think I was boring and unadventerous but I think some really hardcore fucking in a zillion posistions with maybe a maids outfit and a few gadgets is liberal enough. Oh yeah, an extra woman added in there is also ok. Hell two or three extra women would be just fine!


I’ll swim in the river, but I won’t drink out of it. And Char, I obviously don’t have a way to guage what I haven’t been getting, but all my girlfriends have been just fine with just having straight sex during that week – maybe because they knew the reward would be well worth the wait… :wink:

I wouldnt drink someone elses blood, even if it came from their wrist or tits.


I’d like to hear what any vampires would have to say about this?

I’ll fuck a girl on the rag no problem. I’ve unknowingly gone down on a girl when she was menstrating, and Char, in my experience, it DOES taste different. I’ll stick to doing it when the uterine lining is staying INSIDE of her body.

A for me as well.
I love to do it though, so I generally don’t get complaints in regards to how often I do that stuff.


Anything goes anytime for me!! Although if she has her period I will only lick the clit…no flaps at that time of the month.