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Poll: Work Capacity

A recent poster mentioned that he used to run laps in a pool to improve recovery and increase work capacity.

I had never heard of using that method before, so I’m curious to know what everyone else is doing.


What definition of work capacity are we using, here?

Ike: I’m not sure I know what you mean by ‘what definition’. How many different ways are there to interpret it?


Don’t worry about it, moot point.

Anyway, I think the pool stuff would probably help. But, if I remember correctly, Charlie Francis doesn’t like doing any specific technique (ie, sprinting) work in the pool, because it doesn’t have much of a carry-over. Water being a whole helluva lot more dense than air, after all.

I think the issue of work capacity is tough to define, because it is relative to the needs of the athlete.

Dave Tate and the Westside guys pull heavy weighted sleds to improve their work capacity to powerlift. Heavy sled dragging would do little to nothing to benefit a distance runner.

Anyway, I can see the possibility for confusion.

Back to your original question: I’m officially not doing anything specific to improve my work capacity, rather all of my efforts right now are focused on fat loss.

Oh, and I absolutely love running and walking in water as a great way to get an excellent workout in without any impact. Although if may not carry over much to a sprinter, it still puts a significant load on the oxidative and glycolytic energy system and is great for building work capacity and recovery in a program that is full of impact loading.

When you talk about work capacity you sound like coach davies when he talks on GPP. so I guess the GPP work (weighted, also deep sand sprints) could be registered as that. although you raised an interesting question:

When looking to gain mass, should one involve work capacity enhancing workouts or will it be a waste of energy and he should up the volume on his lifting, if anything.

Obviosly if one wish to INCREASE his work capacity, he’ll have to work out of his comfort zone in those workouts, thus they couldnt be classified as active recovery or “light” workouts, so it sounds that they will be detrimental to muscle gains unless I’m missing something.

Bumping my question…