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Poll: Will Trump build the Wall?

  • Yes
  • No at least not under Trump

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I answered no because he doesn’t get his hands dirty.

Nor is he the US/Mexico border, so it won’t be under him either.

You’d probably have to rephrase that to get a straight answer.


No dumbest idea ever

Show me a 50ft wall I will show you a 51ft ladder…yuge waste os $$, big league waste, Mexico aint paying 4 shit
Plus you cant build walls in rivers or moutains


He will build just enough of a wall to be able to say ‘I built a wall’ and have Fox News/Breitbart be willing to back him up on the claim.

Barring that, he will point to some reduction in undocumented immigration rates and say that the threat of the wall accomplished his goal, and that this was his plan all along.

No matter what happens, he will declare victory on this score.


Just add broken beer bottles to the top of wall like rich Mexicans do in Mexico


Haha that wont work just throw carpet over it… These guys tunneled out El Chapo…This wall will be a speed bump at best

Only way to keep the flow out is…

Americans do hard labor cost effecient

Americans stop enjoying drugs

Neither will ever happen


I doubt he will be President long enough to finish the job. He got away with being a shady character for so long, I don’t think he realized how much trouble it could get him into now. It’s ironic that his lawyers could protect him all these years, and now as President he’s vulnerable.


Nothing will happen other than this non stop exahuasting BS…or get ready for a Mad max apocolypse…
I really really miss W now


As a citizen of an island nation, I cannot speak to its efficacy or its desirability. I am more sceptical of his willingness to push through when the going gets tough.

If he does, at least he’ll have delivered on a promise. It is actually among few of his achievable ones.


Maybe it will have a scarecrow effect at the very minimum. Already scaring away illegals


The new wall designs looked cool. Solar panelled looked very ecological.


Not sure about that. The fence ran into eminent domain issues. So will the wall.

Let alone the cost and getting it through congress. He couldn’t negotiate to get healthcare passed, I don’t think he can fund the wall through executive order.


Time will tell, Drew. As nothing has been published yet, so any cost/legal issues will remain speculative.



My point is saying something on the campaign trail is easy. Actually getting it done will be challenging as similar initiatives have had problems. We shall see.


I think running into legal troubles with eminent domain is a pretty surefire bet. The variable will be how much the govt shorts these people for the property they’re having taken away.

I don’t think anyone ever actually BEATS eminent domain, but the struggle is getting the government to pay you what your land is actually worth. Gonna be plenty of Texans reeeeeally unhappy with having their personal property “socialized.”


Why does everyone get so mad over the idea of a wall. There is already a huge fence there.

Isn’t its primary purpose to stop Illegal Immigration from getting in and not paying taxes.


Why is a wall needed if there is a fence?

Considering it doesn’t account for some of the most significant aspects of illegal immigration, let alone anything related to paying taxes, that primary purpose might need to be adjusted.


So what is the purpose of it then?


To provide a symbol for Trump’s base to get fired up about related to illegal immigration. Even though it wouldn’t actually solve the problem.


So how would the problem be solved, In your view? If it is a problem as you just stated it was.