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POLL: Who's Getting Drunk?


I just thought I'd start a poll and see who's gonna have a few to drink, throw a few back, or just get obliterated for New Years Eve.

A) Have a Drink
B) Have a Few
C) Get Beligerant
D) Go Overboard, Drink Too Much, Pass Out and Hit Your Head on Something
E) I'm not Drinking Tonight

Feel free to predict the amount of units of alcohol you think you'll consume too if you'd like.

my answer is B and 8-10

Also, remember, get a Designated Driver and be safe! Happy New Years!


B. Although I could very easily fall into C if I'm not careful.





How many of your gyms are open regular hours today?




8-10 drinks is a few? I gotta hang out with this guy.

My answer is E, but only because I'm under the weather, as they say. Otherwise it would be B, but my version of a few is 2-3.


I'm gonna do my damnest to stay at B all night.



Probably the low end of B, though. A few tonight will mean 2-3 probably.

This will be the least amount I've had to drink new year's eve in my drinking career.


Good point. I think staying in the range is key. If you have the stamina. I can't drink 10 beers in a 10 hour period anymore.



I am trying not to fall of the wagon...




Realistically, 6 hours of celebration, a drink an hour, champagne at midnight, maybe an hour or two where I toss back more than 1, I'm around 8-10.

Think about it, a Martini is pretty much the equivalent of 3-4 beers. So people who drink like that... wow. But a beer, that's like 1 unit, get my drift?

People say all the time, "I only had ONE drink officer" but they don't realize that the cocktail had like 2-3 ounces of hard shit in it. Go have 3 martini's, that's like 9 "units" totally different than 3 beers. I count consumption a little different than most do, it usually keeps me from becoming a bumbling idiot.



I'm ashamed at how much I CAN drink in a ten hour period. I just don't do it anymore.




I'm in the same boat




F) Working; aeroelasticity waits for nobody


Me too. I'm an all or nothing person in every aspect of my life. That is my greatest strength and my greatest weakness.


I'm going to do my best to stay at about 6-8, but I don't drink too much anymore ... so it could easily be go-time. Everyone just be smart! Happy new years!!!


E- one and only one. must work in the AM