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Poll: Who Would Make a Better President, Clinton or Trump?

  • Clinton
  • Trump

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Really? I mean …really?


Ut oh, Hilldawg is winning…

(note: I didn’t vote because I think they’re equally worthless.)

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The one most likely to die of a heart attack early in office.


Or by the symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease.

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Listen, if someone makes me, on pain of death, shoot myself in either the head or the nuts, I’m just going to let the guy kill me. I will not put a gun to my balls and pull the trigger. The rest of you guys can blow your own balls off while you rationalize, but if anything that bad is going to happen you can be sure I’m going to make someone else do it. Just bury me with my balls still attached if you don’t mind.

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Oh shit, look at Trump taking the lead.

This survey is obviously biased toward Clinton, as it has her name first in the title and subconsciously tells everybody to vote for her first!


It’s the God damn media bias!!!


Its even worse than that. The poodle emoticon is pointing to the left too. Its like when prime numbers add or subtract in different combinations to arrive at 23. I study this stuff. It is very scientifical. And dangerous.


Brutal Jewbacca. But…funny as hell!

Change the title to add "poll"
Maybe more people will vote

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Could we possibly sticky this poll until the election is over?

Not really. We mostly got away from the Sticky concept because they were getting out of hand, quantity-wise, and weren’t being viewed anyhow. A temporary one would sorta-almost be a different situation, but I’m not totally sure this thread warrants it.

As interesting/surprising/sad/whatever as the results are so far, I don’t feel it’s a thread that must be at the top of the page for the next 2 and a half months any moreso than other threads. But kudos for being, I’m pretty sure, the first person to use the in-post Poll option.

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Let’s see some votes here.

In 2012 this would have been 85-90 percent Romney over Obama.

Take that, extrapolate it to an entire nation (PWI is not some unique enclave of anti-Trumpism within the conservative sphere), and you have a Trump loss. That’s why Clinton is winning by such a wide margin right now, and if nothing significant changes she thumps him.

I had to vote for Trump I don’t think the republic is safe with such a dishonest person as Hillary Clinton.

One thing that I am NOT looking forward to after this election (and it’s not talked about much…)

It’s the incessant WHINING and VITRIOL by the side that “loses” (in reality…with the 2 choices, it looks like we all lose…)…

I don’t know if I can take another 4 years of it…by either “side”…


Yeah, I hear you on that. All of the “if we…” and 'But they…" gets old no matter which party holds the presidency.

(warning-I hate sports analogies, but here goes) They could both take a lesson from the world of sports. When you get your ass whooped, Don’t whine. Go back and get better. Sharpen what ever skills need sharpened, change out the staff s that needs changed and come back stronger next time.

All of this whining by conservatives about Trump taking the nomination obscures the fact that there is a whole field of losers that they are protecting and rationalizing a loss for.