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Poll - Who is Nursing the Worst Post-Election Hangover?

  • Aragorn
  • There is no other option

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I have to not drink coffee after 8:00. I just wanted to see the end so bad.


treco…ouch! Haha.

I freely admit I probably made an ass of myself with annoyingly frequent posting.

…I finished a bottle and some change. bad decisions. But then, “the end is nigh” and all that. I don’t think I’ve seen a night that Ghostbusters so accurately predicted in my life. Mass hysteria indeed.



Be thirsty*, my friend.

  • for water


Why can’t I vote for Obama?

Reminder : Trump plans to erase the Obama presidency by getting rid of every single one of his executive orders on day 1


Like a fish today lol. I have to be semi-functional at least…


Now that is pretty funny.

I would have to review a list of the Executive orders, but my inclination is that if Trump rescinded many and 86’d ACA and then laid low other than appointing some USSC conservatives - people would hail him as pretty decent.

:zzz: Wake up treco,wake up!!! :loudspeaker:


I must admit, I have a little hangover today…


The challenge thread saved me. I managed not to drink. I am old and stayed up late though, so feel kinda hung over.


Should have included America in the poll, pretty sure she’s set for a four year hangover…


We’ve been getting copious amounts of kool aid for decades


The mother of them all. Guess the beer and the whiskey was a bad combo after all.


Ah, at least you didn’t work today! Not that I could complain since I did it to myself (hey, democrats, that should be your new slogan!). Sorry mate, never mix beer and whiskey together!


Was a mistake. In no uncertain terms was it a mistake. Hell, one more mistake for this election cycle I guess, bud.


I was pretty impressed with a couple of the Fox News personalities. Martha Macallum and some guy, whose name I forgot, were on air when I went to bed at around 9:30 and they were on air when I got up at 5am.


Stayed up until 2ish, opened and killed a growler of IPA, finished with bourbon, and was at work before 9. What an Idiot. Not Trump. Me.


Damned if that isn’t great advice we have all ignored at one point or another.

No hangover for me, shut it down around midnight. Got a shiny new Stoeger m3000 in the gun cabinet this morning. Can’t wait to take it out and turn birds into pillows.


Beer on whiskey , mighty risky
Whiskey on beer, have no fear

Quoted for truth.


I feel like I was hit by a truck. I stayed up until the election was called. Then got a phone call to come bail my son out of jail. He had been in a bar room fight. Fortunately I am within walking distance of the jail. So drunk father bails out drunk son at 4 am. Then I walked him to the emergency room to get stitiches. I still feel like hell


Man, that was like a walk down memory lane.