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Poll - Who is Nursing the Worst Post-Election Hangover?

  • Aragorn
  • There is no other option

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I have to not drink coffee after 8:00. I just wanted to see the end so bad.

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treco…ouch! Haha.

I freely admit I probably made an ass of myself with annoyingly frequent posting.

…I finished a bottle and some change. bad decisions. But then, “the end is nigh” and all that. I don’t think I’ve seen a night that Ghostbusters so accurately predicted in my life. Mass hysteria indeed.


Be thirsty*, my friend.

  • for water

Why can’t I vote for Obama?

Reminder : Trump plans to erase the Obama presidency by getting rid of every single one of his executive orders on day 1

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Like a fish today lol. I have to be semi-functional at least…

Now that is pretty funny.

I would have to review a list of the Executive orders, but my inclination is that if Trump rescinded many and 86’d ACA and then laid low other than appointing some USSC conservatives - people would hail him as pretty decent.

:zzz: Wake up treco,wake up!!! :loudspeaker:


I must admit, I have a little hangover today…

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The challenge thread saved me. I managed not to drink. I am old and stayed up late though, so feel kinda hung over.

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Should have included America in the poll, pretty sure she’s set for a four year hangover…

We’ve been getting copious amounts of kool aid for decades

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The mother of them all. Guess the beer and the whiskey was a bad combo after all.

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Ah, at least you didn’t work today! Not that I could complain since I did it to myself (hey, democrats, that should be your new slogan!). Sorry mate, never mix beer and whiskey together!


Was a mistake. In no uncertain terms was it a mistake. Hell, one more mistake for this election cycle I guess, bud.

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I was pretty impressed with a couple of the Fox News personalities. Martha Macallum and some guy, whose name I forgot, were on air when I went to bed at around 9:30 and they were on air when I got up at 5am.

Stayed up until 2ish, opened and killed a growler of IPA, finished with bourbon, and was at work before 9. What an Idiot. Not Trump. Me.

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Damned if that isn’t great advice we have all ignored at one point or another.

No hangover for me, shut it down around midnight. Got a shiny new Stoeger m3000 in the gun cabinet this morning. Can’t wait to take it out and turn birds into pillows.

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Beer on whiskey , mighty risky
Whiskey on beer, have no fear

Quoted for truth.

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I feel like I was hit by a truck. I stayed up until the election was called. Then got a phone call to come bail my son out of jail. He had been in a bar room fight. Fortunately I am within walking distance of the jail. So drunk father bails out drunk son at 4 am. Then I walked him to the emergency room to get stitiches. I still feel like hell

Man, that was like a walk down memory lane.