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Poll: What's the Source of Your TRT Prescription?


Apologies if this has been asked before. I tried going through the pages and pages of history but didn’t see a thread already made.

It appears to me on the forum that there’s a lot of slander re: TRT when prescribed and monitored by gp’s, endocrinologists and urologists. Reports of bad experiences. I’ve read statements about that they don’t know what they’re doing, or that they know and care less than the doctors at TRT/anti-aging clinics as the former are primarily funded through the healthcare system (insurance or otherwise) and the latter are funded privately by the user. This may be the result of comments of the more active users which is why I thought it was a good idea to get a sense from the entire community as to where you get your TRT prescribed and who monitors your blood work.

I’ve yet to start TRT but will very soon. Thus far my gp referred me to a urologist who in turn referred me to an endocrinologist. I have not ruled out that my endo will do a good job, but I’m surprised by all the negative rhetoric I’ve read about non-TRT doctors. I’m not biased against one route or the other and I’m curious to hear what everyone’s experience and route to finding their current prescribing doctor.


TRT was in my case suggested by an endo that I went to for a separate issue (hyperparathyroid hyperplasia). That being said, I have had all of my own bloodwork done since and I buy OTC, but I’m in Central America and can do that.

Anti-aging, TRT, BHRT (treating men and women) practice.

Endocrinologist prescribed then I went to a urologist who manages it. Everything through insurance.

MRI pituitary , thyroid and testicular ultrasound, all done prior to starting trt.

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Self Prescribed TRT, so obviously UGL test. Extremely difficult to get trt in Australia, seen multiple doctors and endos with a total test measuring in the low 200’s. Single best decision in my life was self medicating.

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I get TRT prescribed by an endocrinologist under insurance, all previous three endocrinologists admit lacking knowledge in TRT, so an anti-aging clinic Defy Medical guides my TRT protocols and provides estrogen blocking medications as needed and any other services I may need.

Great thread!

I get mine from a urologist office but a PA is who I see. His knowledge is limited. The info I’ve learned from this site over the last 7 years pretty much allows me to dictate my treatment to him.
All I really need him for is the write the script for my test and cialis and check my butt nut once a year. Everything else I can do on my own.

My PCP tried and failed I gave him a year. From my research from the mens health forums like this one I decided Endocrinologist and Urologist were a waste of my time so I went with an anti aging clinic. 3 years later I could not be happier.

Anti-aging clinic, previously from a urologist but he lacked the knowledge necessary to guide a successful protocol.

Interesting! Thanks systemlord.
How did you get referred to those various endo’s? Did your GP send you to a new one at your request, or did each endo refer to another? Unfortunately no endo or uro in my city cites hormone therapy as their speciality or something they do research in, only cited as part of what they treat. As per their www, at least. My endo said their initial dosage is 200mg every two or three weeks, so I’m “initially” thinking it’s going to be a failure. Wait and see.

I assume you do as much through the endo for insuarance coverage purposes, and use defy for anything not covered but you want.

Script is through my PCP. I started testing T about 5 years back with bloodwork each year for my physical. It got low enough he agreed to put me on test based on the low T numbers alone. Doc and wife suggested I get to an Endo for proper care. First Endo wanted me to come off of T for 90 days to get baseline numbers on other tests to see if I was actually hypogonadic or if it was something else. I told him my marriage couldn’t handle that. He scoffed and said he wouldn’t treat me if I didn’t so I found a new Endo. New Endo disagreed with first Endo and said that Ive been on T long enough that I was probably hypogonadic at this point because of the T. He told me to lower my dose a bit (he though 700 was too high even though I felt great) and to stop taking my UG anastrozole. Told me to come back in 6 months for follow up. He moved to Jersey. I followed his rec for another Endo in his Dept in Boston. Younger dude and very laid back. Started the convo by asking how I was feeling so that was a good sign. He liked my numbers (high 600s) and told me he wanted to follow up in 6 months and then yearly after that. He said he would start writing the script if I wanted that but thus far I have kept it with my PCP. Im currently searching for a new PCP though so I may have to move the script to the Endo.

If you can do the injections then you can control this and administer the 100 a week or 50 two times a week. This is typical. 200mg every 2 or 3 weeks will be a nasty roller coaster.

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Without any doubt, 200mg every two weeks will be a failure.

There was a study done back in 2005 where men were injected with 200mg every 2 weeks, after 6 days testosterone levels dropped below the therapeutic ranges and it seems none of these endocrinologist and urologist know anything about it.

200mg every two weeks is nothing more than a hormonal roller coaster and men have quit TRT walking away from it believe TRT doesn’t work, if your doctor is prescribing 200mg every 2 weeks, it suggests your doctor doesn’t prescribe TRT often and has no clinical experience prescribing testosterone.

Hormone profiles after intermuscular injection of testosterone enanthate in patients with hypoganadism

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That’s my goal. Self-inject and dictate my own frequency.

I hope others respond with where they get their TRT rX from. Let’s hear from you!

I started with a GP then onto a urologist then to a different GP now trt clinic. I pay out of pocket now versus insurance with the previous three Drs. However the care is much better. I would love to find a good urologist or endo but I’ve had no luck.

Online or in office?


Thanks. My wife is looking for a good Dr. I use Entourage and they are starting to treat women in January but they are kinda expensive.