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Poll: Vixen Forum?

I don’t think we need a separate women’s forum. If a T-Woman wants to get advice on a particular topic or post a rant directed to other T-Women, she should start a thread, and we She-lurkers will jump out of T-cyberspace to participate.

Okay, some of the replies here are really pissing me off. I have ONE, exactly ONE fucking question for any and every woman out there who’s felt “scared” or “intimidated” about posting on this site:

On what thread, specifically, have you seen a newbie woman ask a question and get flamed? If you can’t supply an example - and all I ask for is one - then you should (gently, respectfully) quit letting nameless fears rule your life and shut the fuck up.

I’ll tell you guys something, I’ve been on this board longer than anyone else out there. Anyone. I have been here since Day One, consistently, and I have never once seen the above happen. Now it’s possible that I missed a thread somewhere. And if so, please point it out to me so that I can re-activate the thread and flame the ever-lasting crap out of the idiot who made fun of the woman seeking advice. But you know what? I don’t think you’ll be able to do it.

See, this is what’s making me angry. I - and many others - have invested considerable time and effort into participating on this board and making it the best it can be for ANYONE who exhibits a sincere desire to learn and better him (or her) self. And then you get people coming around and saying that they’re “intimidated” and “worried” about posting - leave aside that this is a fucking website, that unless they choose to post pics no one will ever even know their real names - well, frankly, as far as I’m concerned…no, we don’t need them. People like that aren’t going to have the balls (ovaries, whatever) to succeed in this sport anyway, so what’s the point?

I agree with Patricia: it’s nice that T-mag asked, but in actual practice I don’t think a separate “women’s board” is a good idea. As it is there are now so many boards that I doubt many people have time to check all of them anyway. And I also agree wholeheartedly with Karma’s point. After the women’s board, what’s next? The Anorexic Board? The Tub 'o Lard board?

Let’s just keep things as they are. Anyone can post on the T/N board, and most of the other boards as well. They can even get into the Dog Pound if they just take the time to cultivate one of the members and PM that person. There have been several instances already where DPers have posted PMs for discussion. (Of course, it does have to be a relevant point.)

With all of the free stuff on this website, with all of the people who are willing to help, with T-cells springing up here and there (and these will only proliferate), anyone who lets themselves get intimidated by the fear of getting flamed by someone who they’ll probably never meet is, let’s face it, looking for an excuse not to succeed. And I don’t think that’s ever been a part of the T-Nation mindset.

Ok it looks like the majority of the men are for it, and the women are split. I think my girl would be more likely to post if there were a women’s forum. She has actually said to me that she doesn’t want to do squats because it will make her butt get big. It would be a good thing if she were hearing the same things I’ve been telling her about training and nutrition from people on this site. Let’s face it, getting your info from trainers and nutritionists is more likely to give you a tank ass.

She knows damn well that an absolute prerequisite for me marrying anyone is that she deadlifts and squats on a regular basis.

Hey Chris,
I dont think that there needs to be a seperate female forum in order to initiate more female participation in the forums. As it looks, more and more females are beginning to post and as time progresses, there will surely be an outpour of female knowledge that we all can benefit from.

If you create a female-exclusive forum, it only leads to segregation which is not what these forums are about. The forums are made for everyone’s participation, and a T-vixen forum may detract from an equal sex discussion. Some guys may not enter the forum because they feel they are either not welcome, or that only girlies should participate in it…

So, there is no need to do this. Us T-vixens are becoming more invovled everyday.


I think I gotta go with “old man” char dog here. I notice it as well that if there’s a post from a female, that post will usually get a lot of responses; likewise, if there’s a post which a female replied to then there are also more replys. It may be a better approach to do exactly what Patricia did recently and just ask the other ladies to come out and play. That post alone probably prompted more women to post than I imagined were even reading this board. Bottom line: I think a seperate forum would be a hit as far as “hits” go, but the novelty would wear off after a while and it may even turn into just another “off topic” area. Let’s get the forum we already have working better first.

Oops, I guess it was rebecca that started that thread.

Char- hate to burst your bubble
But I think I would classify as one!
Trish would be 2

"Ahh like so like there. But here is the thing SO WHAT
I have made my self overly obnoxious on purpose and out of all the forum mates
Desile is the only one to step up to the plate and call me on it.
SO Who cares? Not me
What if the worst of our fears happens?
Should that stop us?
Neigh- and to describe my feelings I will recite a song from your and my most adored Nanny Miss Poppins???..

"We’re clearly soldiers in petty coats, dauntless crusaders for womens “Post’s” !
Or daughters daughters will adore us as we sing in grateful coarse
Well done…
Sister …
Ahh forget it
Like What Ever!
We should post as ONE! Not 2!
I have a dream…

I agree with Gary E. that when a woman posts a question here, it does get answered and rather quickly.
But some women out there don’t realize that. If an overweight woman w/ no background in bodybuilding, for example, wanted to post, she may feel more comfortible in a womans forum.
I personally feel perfectly comfortable with posting on the site as it is. Most of the time a man IS more tolerable of questions like “If I do squats, will my butt get big?” than a woman might be (proven by statements made at the beginning of the thread by a female).
I don’t think that, Rebecca or anyone else making statements poking fun of girls who have concerns about becoming bulky, conciously tried to offend anyone. But, if I were say a skinny woman w/ no muscles at all thinking about lifting and had questions but read statements like that, I would most like be hesitant to post. So my issue is not w/ majority of T-nation it is for those few who think everyone should be knowlegable before posting. If that were the case we’d never learn anything.

I totally agree with Patricia when she referred to the other female forums:

“Yes, there are the “don’t want to squat for fear of a big butt” and boyfriends who want to know how to train “their girls”. Overall, some of the women who regularly post, are some pretty knowledgeable chicks who I’ve grown to respect.”

You have to expect both, intelligent posters and the not so intelligent inquisitive posters, who may ask a silly girly question.

With all that being said, this is afterall, a site called Testosterone, which obviously is more geared towards men bearing the image of strength and manliness, so I would conceed to the view that “girly” questions aren’t what this site is about. So, T-mag, if the interest is giving women a place where they can feel comfortable asking a not so manly question, then it would be a good idea. That way you can still have the testosterone flowing in the rest of the forum. The women that are intimidated by the men, not that there is any need to be, can post there and the rest of the women who can tough it out with the men can post wherever they choose. If the interest is to keep the “Testosterone” image pure, then it may not be good. But, from a marketing standpoint, it probably would bennifit. I think you can keep the Testosterone image and still have a forum for woman.
I am thinking out loud so I keep going back and forth on the issue. I guess I am okay either way.
Heads or Tails?

What we need is a “Pix of T-Vixens Nekid” forum. T-men request poses, T-Vixens pose and post.

No I don’t mean this in a dirty way, just the T-Vixens posing doing squat thrusts, bent over rows, stiff legged deadlifts, adduction exercises, hammer curls, and various head and neck exercises.

Gotta go, my pants are getting tight for some reason.

It’ll likely lead to more segregation of sexes. Why bother? Besides do we really have time to keep up with that many forums? (T/N, DP, Ice Dog, Renegade, Guest, Photo, Off Topic, etc.)

Wow, lots of stuff going on in this thread. My 2 cents, if a woman surfing the net stumbles upon T-MAG they would probably see a Woman’s forum and feel more comfortable starting there then in the T&N board. I think after they been here for awhile they would gravitate to the other boards. I know when I first come upon a new board I look for the most commonality I can find before I post. As far as Sheep go, lets turn them in to wolves. Once they get around the Hard Core T-Vixens on this site it would not take long at all. (You gals Rock)

Also, Please, would the Jackasses who keep bringing up the “T-Vixen get Naked” comments just STFU. These are sisters of the iron and deserve your respect, this isn’t a porn sight. How many women don’t post because of comments like that?

Chris, it is a nice thought to have a woman’s section but as a lurker/newbie I can tell you that I am never afraid to ask a question.
I believe Char-dog is correct. I know I have been reading just about everything (except the the steroid section) for quite awhile and I have never seen a woman flamed for her question or even an answer she responded with.
Generally, I lurk because as a newbie I do not have the expertise to offer and am busy soaking up as much info as I can on training & nutrition. When I come out of hiding it is usually with an opinion on the off-topic site or an occasional question. More than once I have seen info given and realize that I, as a woman, can use it because it has been noted that the training here is for men and women. Generally any topic that I see that has a response by many of the women here, Patricia, Tampa-Terry, Stella, etc will always get my attention. So, to cut to the chase, thanks, but no thanks.

Thus far not creating a forum to avoid stupid questions
(I don’t think there are stupid questions) when it comes to training lazy attempts to figure out things on their own - yes.
“Ergo” I don’t want to… because…my-
Hasn’t been and isn’t a big enough reason not to create a forum

More importantly it would allow a starting point. Creating momentum, my question is will it help get the new Matrix -oh no, Vixens out in the swing of things.

Yes- I think it would!
Faster, but then what, it becomes an intro board ?
Optimally they would start to move their posts on to the other forums with every one.
But every day the # of Vixens is growing with out a special forum, it is different now from when I began.

Bringing back the “Gang” more often and mixing up who is contributing might be enough?
Creating a “Gang” forum could be great if you had some one guiding it along
“Visa- Vie”
Patricia, Stella, eleveneyes, Casanova, Tampa- T.
Choice- is the problem, but we already know what your going to do don’t we?.

We don’t need it.

As char mentioned, women who post on the TRAINING AND NUTRITION board do not get flamed, and they get their questions answered quickly. If a guy was to ask the same questions, he would be called a lazy piece of shit, and then told to use the search engine. I do think that a section in the FAQ directed towards women, would be a good idea.

The off topic and photo boards are a totally different animal, and if you have thin skin, then don’t post. That goes for everyone.

If you are too intimidated to post a question, annonymously, then maybe you are not cut out to be a T-vixen. This also applies the those who maybe have some good information, but are to afraid to participate in a thread. Go find one of those “Girl Friendly” boards.

One more thing. I think people misunderstood patricia when she said that she wanted more female participation. She does not want to her from the “I want to get tone” or “I do deadlifts and squats” or “I train just as hard as a man” crowd. She wants to here from the female athletes out there: fighters, powerlifters, strongwomen, bodybuilders etc. Women who train with or wihout a man, not because their boyfriend works out.

First, I’d like to say that the girls on this site are a welcomed
addition. I have to take my hat off to any girl that isn’t intimidated
by the name Testosterone. However, I’d also ask that T-mag reexamine
why the name is Testosterone to begin with and what the Dangerously
Hardcore principles are. My take is if you’re tough enough to hang,
great you’re in. If you need to be coddled in a special place because
you’re afraid, then man or women, maybe this site isn’t for you.
Anyway, maybe I have it all wrong, but it seems to me that this site is
about no bullshit weight training. Read, learn, and lift. An all women
forum sounds like a women only section of the gym. The best thing my
girlfriend ever did was leaving the women only area and train with me
where the squat racks are. I would think that the same is true here.

PS: I feel like this is a discussion about if a punk band should “sell
out” and make a video. Will we see T-mag on weightlifting equivalent to
MTV? Or will it stay true to its indie label roots?

You are hilarious!!! I’ve always appreciated your honesty. I like women that play hard-ball. No pandering to political correctness for you!!! Have you ever considered joining my army of Good Guys and helping me fight the battle against the bad? Join me once in a while. You would be more than welcome.

United States=Good Guys

No, don’t start it. My reasons have been posted by my esteemed colleagues. Herc

“Have you ever considered joining my army of Good Guys and helping me fight the battle against the bad? Join me once in a while. You would be more than welcome.”

Is this a subtle attempt at wooing ~karma~ into your bed?

No. Her honesty and non-adherence to political correctness makes here a wonderful candidate for the Good Guys.

To Sally from the Valley:

Okay, you want to specifics? Fine. Here we go:

I looked up your profile. You have three other posts besides the one on this thread. Your question about lignan flax oil was answered very professionally by Marc McD., so I don’t think you are talking about that one. One for me.

Your post on John Berardi’s leg thread (where you put up a pic of a friggin’ peacock) wasn’t exactly a content question, now was it? So you can’t have been expecting any real answer from it. Nevertheless, I think that when you purposely attempt to sound “Valley-like” (and, having spent a large amount of time in sunny SoCal, I can say with some authority that you fail), to the point where it becomes difficult to even understand what the hell you’re trying to say, you have to expect some negative comments. One for you, perhaps, but it was your own fault.

Ditto for your green tea post. I don’t know, maybe you really DO know something about green tea. But the ridiculous tone and diction of your posts isn’t likely to make anyone actually take the time to research the links you put up. And the guy who flamed you in response? Diesel 23? Think that perhaps your “location tag” might have anything to do with that? Again, your own fault.

In short, you’re not getting flamed because you’re a woman, you’re getting flamed because you’re an idiot. Or at least you’re presenting yourself as one. Frankly, the stuff you’ve written on this forum makes a real Valley Girl look like Marie Curie by comparison.

So why not try a different tack? Give us something to respect and we’ll give you some decent feedback. Otherwise, you can call yourself “Mr. Masculine from the Birthplace of All Knowledge” and it’s not going to do you any good.