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Poll: Vixen Forum?

At T-mag we’ve always said that males and females don’t need to train or eat that much differently to achieve a great bod. That’s why we’ve only ran a couple of articles aimed at female trainers.

But here’s something I’ve noticed. Once someone starts a thread about a female related topic, many knowledgeable women “de-lurk” and offer up great advice. So, should we start a T-vixen category here at the forum?

I think women should just post their questions without fear on Training/Nutrition, but if having their own forum will bring more “out of the closet” and to the mag, then we’ll create a forum for them.

Your opinions?

My vote would be no. I think when you create a ladies forum, you get too many of the “I don’t want to do squats, they will give me a big butt” type questions. The guys usually post just as often in the ladies forum as the ladies.

I think we can all be mature enough to field any questions in the forum, whether for and ladies or the guys.

I wouldn’t want anything separate for the women. Training and nutrition are similar for everyone. Let’s just work together to help each other train intelligently.

Sounds like a solid idea to me Chris.

It might thwart some of the gender intimidation that comes with “Testosterone.” That is, if such a feeling exists.

I appreciate you asking this Chris.

As I’ve mentioned before, I occasionally take part in two other fitness related boards. One is pretty well known and has a womens discussion board. The other is pretty new and also has a “womens only” area.

Yes, there are the “don’t want to squat for fear of a big butt” and boyfriends who want to know how to train “their girls”. Overall, some of the women who regularly post, are some pretty knowledgeable chicks who I’ve grown to respect. Some are competitive too in powerlifting, figure, bodybuilding, etc. Ha, about the figure, I know. However, there is one chick who competes in NABBA and is so knowledgeable, that she has changed my mind about figure contests. She also may travel up here to Portland to train with us in strongman. Very cool.

Okay. On these other two boards, men will regularly travel on over looking for advice or providing advice. The women are pretty much respected.

So, my battle with this question is this: it would be great, if it would pull women lurkers out of the darkness and get them to become more involved. On the other side: it would take away from the all-inclusive feel of T-Mag. Forum regulars and T-Mag have always believed that women can/should train no differently than men. It would be hard to deliver this when there is a “T-Vixens Only” board. And it would also remove the unique appeal of this forum. Since it is the only one without a womens’ only section.


Excuse the “yelling”. But I’ve always felt that by being involved, I’m actively learning. And it’s helped me.

“I don’t want to do squats, they will give me a big butt”

If only women understood that female “squaters ass” is one of the most delectable conditions around. For guys on the other hand it just means that we can’t buy pants.

i think its a good idea but realy their are alot of t-vixens out there with great advise for a t-man or
t-vixen. there is some guys out there that don’t think a woman can give good advise but most of us on here just ignore them and get the information we need.

Would it help me meet chicks?

While a “nice” idea and kudos to you guys for keeping with the pulse of the boards, I agree with the others here and say as stridently as the net can convey -


You and TC have repeatedly stated your disinterest in sheep (we’ll leave what goes on in your bedrooms and offices behind closed doors) and your disgust at mags targeted at those sheep. DON’T BECOME YET ANOTHER PUSSY, SHEEP-PLACATING RAG!

Next thing you know, you guys will be sending a box of Godiva’s out with every T2 and Methoxy purchase…just in case the recipient is female and PMSing. Then will come the “Fit and Fat” board because you don’t want to alienate that “lurking” segment (remember the guy from Reader Mail a bit ago?).

And about this lovely idea of keeping T-mag an all-inclusive site - that went out the window with the Dog Pound. What are you gonna do, continue that tangent with a female forum? Since a person needs approval of “experienced and respected” Dog Pounders to be allowed to post there, are you guys going to make it where a person has to be a certifiable, verifiable female as approved by an “experienced and respected” forumite in order to post on the Vixen forum? How would one prove themself to be female? Nude pics of course! Well, maybe not. Guys could just tuck and shave. Ok, so then new posters would have to submit nude spread shots.

Give me a freakin’ break.

Stop the bleeding already.

Just do what you guys do best (and I mean DO BEST) and leave this coddling to sheep mags.

If this idea makes it off the ground, all nude spread shots must obviously be sent to my attention.

I’m not sure if I can offer an opinion here, being a male and all, but here goes anyway.

I remember floundering around the net looking for something like T-mag. When I found it I was home. I’m guessing many women want an intelligent zine and board too with real training and nutrition info and not talk of “toning” and Tony Little ab gadgets. So why not give it to them?

Karma, why do you assume these women will be “sheep”? Can’t they be smart, hard training women like Patricia just looking for the right board?

And Chris never said that only women could post there. It’s obvious you’re sore about not getting into the Pound, but, um, get over it. You don’t know much about training and diet and only make posts about your drunken binges and preference for rough sex. What have you ever written that proves you should be into the Pound? Are you worried that if more females come here, the men may not pay attention to your sad cries for attention?

Aaaaaaaanyway… yes, if guys have a vote, then I think a Vixen Board would be cool, and a big relief for many women wanting a serious place to talk about bodybuilding.

Okay… I agree with the fact that we probably don’t need a ladies only forum, but statements like “I think when you create a ladies forum, you get too many of the “I don’t want to do squats, they will give me a big butt” type questions” is the exact reason why more women don’t post on this site. People with that mentality make women who are new into bodybuilding feel intimidated. Instead, when a newbie makes a statement like that, one should not mock her, but lead her in the right direction, by telling her nicely why squats are good. I’m not accusing anyone one person in particular of mocking a newbie, but I’ve heard and seen that the general consensus is that a female shouldn’t say, “I don’t want to be big and bulky, I just want to be toned” or “I don’t want to look like a man”. I am new to weightlifting, and yes, I was concerned about looking too masculine (Gasp) but I soon learned that I can lift hard and heavy and still look feminine. I think these are valid genuine concerns that a woman who has never lifted weights should have and if she doesn’t, then one, she either ugly to begin with, or two, she already looks like a man. Bodybuilding is most commonly associated with the competitive bodybuilder (a woman with massive “manlike”, if you will, muscles), most woman don’t realize that you can lift hard and heavy and still look as feminine as Marion Power. Each woman has her own goals as to how much muscle and how big she wants to be. I’m not saying that there is anything wrong with being a very bulky muscular woman, it’s just not what my goal is.
So here’s to lifting hard and heavy, eating healthy, and reducing fat… and oh, yeah, being feminine. Yes, I said it, feminine. I am feminine (girly) and proud of it. I am also not afraid, of squats, deadlifts, and chest presses either!
So yes, I agree, if we (men, women, girly and not so girly girls) could all just get along and give friendly advise with out making fun of someone for just not know anybetter, then there would be no need for a T-vixen forum.
We can world a better place… one newbie at a time :slight_smile: LOL

Oh Paul T., how easily you project.

Let me attempt to clarify what was already crystal.

  1. Not all women are sheep - as evidenced by all the women that do post here. Catering to the ones that don’t post here for fear of intimidation would, in my estimation, be catering to the sheep. And, in case you are wondering, I am allowed my estimations and expressions thereof. If a woman is indeed looking for the “right board” as most of us were (myself included), then how would it benefit T-mag to be just like all the other boards?!

  2. Of course Chris never said only women could post there - that was my sarcasm. As far as my being bitter or whatever about not getting into the DP, I never even ventured there. I have no desire for it. You apparently missed the entire point - again. See above for the explanation. I have no need of “proving” anything to anyone and have no care or concern for someone having “approval” rights to my inclusion. As I recall, Tampa-Terry isn’t a member of the DP for similar reasons. She is most certainly a knowledgeable and respected contributor but she prefers to stay out of the DP. What of it? It’s my preference as well.

  3. I do love how you can judge my level of knowledge on training and nutrition based off one post here in the OT forum. You apparently missed the posts I’ve made about my goals and progress. While it is true that I do not post frequently on the T/N forum it is not out of lack of knowledge but rather out of respect for those with greater knowledge than I. When a thread comes along that I feel somewhat uniquely qualified to answer and have serious doubts as to anyone else having the experience to draw from to answer (such as dealing with post-pregnancy weight, etc), I do answer and have been thanked profoundly for it. Do you feel qualified to answer such a topic? Have you been through a high-risk pregnancy, near death, massive weight gain, hormonal hell, depression and overcome all that to lead a healthy life - while being a single parent to boot? Then you fucking answer those questions with your expertise and I’ll keep my mouth shut on those topics as well.

  4. For your final parting shot, I would gladly welcome additonal women to the board - provided they were of the mindset as the rest of us. I have no desire to see these boards deluged with females wanting to “tone and sculpt” and those spouting the wonders of the Hollywood Juice Diet…and that is where I fear a women’s forum would be headed.

smirk Hello Pot? Yeah, this is the Kettle. You’re black. Yeah. Just thought you’d like to know.

What fucking ever.

I think that a Vixen Forum would probably be a smart business move, but there could be better additions made.

I see that many seem to fear that a ladies only forum would attract sheep. Is that not what we want - to reach out to the sheep and show them the way?

As a business and marketing stand point I would say yes to a women’s forum. But, for what testrotrone mag is all about and what it stands for I would say its a bad move.

Jared>>> Exactly!!

Yeah, this is a bad idea for “Testrotrone” Magazine.

I think that it is a great idea if executed properly. Get some great looking women like Mariam Power and Patricia to moderate the forum and it will support the great image that t-mag has built.

Both Patricia and Mariam look great, know a lot about training, and are both strong as hell. For example, Mariam is stronger than most guys I know and is stronger than every guy I know at her bodyweight. She can deadlift 400lbs, bench 275 and looks incredible. Furthermore she is a real classy lady.

Mike Mahler

I think it is a good idea. From what I have seen on other forums that it works pretty good.