Poll: The Ultimate Dilemma - Bigger or Leaner

  • Bigger in a shirt
  • Better looking shirtless

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Those who cant (wont?) diet will choose option A

Those who can’t put on size but are naturally lean, option B

Experienced and dedicated will tell you that it’s a constant ping pong between the both, until you eventually end up with a decent amount of both :slight_smile:



Yeah I’m not seeing option c. Both


I think you might also observe that those who live in warm climates pick A while those with Game of Thrones-esque winters pick B.


Aahhhh good point! I’m just always thinking of how many “big guys” I’ve seen eventually diet down a bit and discover how “big” they’re not. :slight_smile:



Yeah that’s tru… Hey wait a minute!:disappointed_relieved:


Not really a good question. The answer will be subjective. Some guys like being big with a high bf %. Some guys think they are lean, when really they are at 20+ bf %. Some people think they are muscular when they are not. There are some awesome looking guys on this board. But there are way more guys with a lot of fat on them giving out advice.

To me, fat is fat. Obese is obese. It doesn’t matter how much muscle you have if you have a thick layer of fat covering it… Unless you are a “power lifter”.

At the extreme, fat guys need to cut. Skinny guys need to bulk. Awesome looking tall guys like me need to stay cut and wear smaller shirts to show people we are cut. My loose fitting shirts makes me look like a stick.

I’m pretty sure that’s entirely the point.


I live in Britain and therefore don’t get the cheap thrills of either extreme heat or extreme snow. How can I decide which to vote for? I’m a neurotype 5b if that helps


Surprised no one brought up the fact that as you get bigger most shirts will not fit you correctly.

For example guys that start getting boulder shoulders, and a decent size chest will find that shirts start to stop at their belly button or right at the waistline. How ANNOYING is that?

I agree being lean is probably the route to go, but in terms of how often i wear a shirt vs without a shirt then i would rather look big in a shirt. Being ‘both’ year round is super hard. Let us be honest.

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What happens if you actually are a powerlifter and don’t need quotation marks? Or a strongman? Or simply don’t give a fuck about chiselled abs?

Need is a strong word. You’re talking about this like it’s a moral obligation to look like a fitness model.

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If you are 5’6”, 300 lbs… You need to cut! It is a medical situation. I said extreme. If you feel people on my 600 lb life don’t need to lose weight, then I can’t argue with you.


The quotes are for fat guys who think they are power lifters. Not for real power lifters. It was A tongue in cheek comment.

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If this what what you meant in your initial post, I agree with you.

As noted above, I’m British and have therefore forfeited my sense of humour in service of her majesty.


That is because 99% of those guys are lying.

No natural will have that issue and no natural IMHO can be both. What I consider impressive in terms of leanness will make all but, the genetics freaks look unimpressive in clothes. Same issue with looking larger in clothes.

I’ve been binge watching “caught on camera” Netflix, it’s about all the CCTV and the crime it catches on the British streets. It makes me never want to visit there.

I feel similarly about America having watched the news


I mean, it worked for Andrew Raynes


Ah man, that’s a blast from the past. I remember seeing him on WSM when I was in school. It was the first time I’d heard the phrase “powerlifter” used and being intrigued what that meant.

It also occurs to me that even in 2001, strongman was far more well known and recognised than powerlifting among “normal” people.

Well it does depend on the actual fit of the shirt. These new companies that have popped up over the years design their shirts for guys that work out. It helps tremendously if you can get over looking trendy.

Basically they do for men what the yoga pants/spendex did for women… you still can’t hide a gut tho