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Poll: Size/Bones-Gain/Loss


Read through a few threads today and my curisity has gotten the better of me regarding personal bulk developement and body mass loss.

In fac,t I hope an Article may be pursued if this thread bears any validity. I'm a thin-boned lanky fellow by nature. After many years I've bulked up well. But my arms and calves remain relatively are puny - and it seems this isn't so rare amongst others attempting to shake of the Mr.Punyverse image once and for all.

I've read through articles and threads here which claim the way to puff up arms. And I admit I did have some successes in noticeably robusting the biceps up -somewhat- but it doesn't seem to last after a period of extended training inactivity. Triceps and calves seem particularly hard to develope and maintain. But oddly enough, the developed strength remains stable.

Now my questions are -and assuming you work out hard-ish at least and eat very well/healthily/properly;

  1. How many 'thin-boned' skinny people can claim success in bulking up arms exceptionally well and maintaining it.

  2. Same question as above, but for 'thick-boned' skinny people?

  3. Along the same lines- for fatter folks; if you are 'thick boned' do you find it hard shedding bulk?

  4. Same as question 3, but if you are 'thin-boned' do you find it very easy shedding bulk?

I'm curious to see what input arrives, and any possible distinct trends that may arise.


Excuse me, Super genius, but muscle won't stay if you don't continually train. The goal is not to work out and then quit hoping the muscle will stay. It is to train...from now on.


I'm not sure about your hostilty there or how it's justified. I'm humbly asking for input from others who may notice a similar trend. I don't see how that makes someone a super-genius. I'm not claiming anything at all... This is at most a light-hearted investigation, so ease up on the finger pointing.

If you read my notes properly, I did say my arms deflate 'excessively' compared to my other body parts [ie. pecs/back/thighs] whose size hardly changes - in terms of not shrivelling rapidly.

When I train I do it between 3 to 5 months full throttle at a time - and I do gain results, so your implication I slouch is not valid. I am active alot anyway outside of training and eat very well at all times.

Once again my issue is why might more than just a few of us have a hard time gaining-keeping arm/calf mass/size [not just muscle] COMPARED to others eating and working out similarly.


So, let me get this clear. You train for 3 months and then stop training...and you want to know why you don't stay "pumped"? The answer is, you quit training. Yes, it is the simple. You used the word "hard-ish" to describe your training. Is that like "semi-hard"? "almost but not quite hard"? "I can't believe it's not hard"? "5 degrees south of hard"?


Ok, I see where you may be losing my whole point to this thread. No, I never said pumped- you said that. My issue is not muscly-body size. Read through the forums and threads here relating along the lines of this topic; 'ARMS do not DEVELOPE nor stay big' it's not a very uncommon topic.

I'm seeing in this website from other threads- muscle, OR post-muscle flabbiness - ARMS and CALVES of some people like myself lose much of their previous form they had after working out, very rapidly and/ OR take longer to deveope and seem to reach a plateau in terms at a not-too-big size- when all other body areas in comparison, developed substantially AND never shrank in their FORM size -much.

For example, with very little decrease, my thighs and chest DO retain their size and develope very well when I work out. My pecs are still big, even though I stopped bench pressing years ago, sure alot of it is flubber, but still the pec FORM is there as is a significant solid muscle form below that. It did NOT waste away like my arm and calf sizes do.

Again, this thread is about slower than upper arm/forearm/calf developement and form retention some of us have, even with solid workouts and good nutrition.
My topic includes form of these body parts in particular- since no other body parts show such shrinkage or resistance to develope 'normally' or better.

By 'hardish' workouts I mean 1 hour of going at it full throttle. A hard workout in my books is longer and 2 hours-ISH. Like I said ONCE AGAIN, I get excellent bulking results for other body parts with my 'hardish' workouts and such results hardly fade away with these areas so there is NO issue there.
I'm only curious to here from others if they are thin boned and and have the same 'arm issues'. Your responses seem to indicate I'm seeking answers in another area. I'm clearly looking for input from others based upon my "investigative" questions in my initial post and not an argument.

Remember; My Chest and Thighs in very good shape/size and am satisfied with that-just thinking out loud why for a few of us arms grow slow/shrink fast in comparison.