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POLL RESULTS How Many Times Do You Inject

Polls closed Jan 14 5pm. We got 31 respondents for 1st poll and 12 for second.

RESULTS SEE BELOW - HIGHLIGHT 65% INJECT 1 OR 2 TIMES A WEEK AND FEEL AT LEAST OK. We can also say that a whopping 77% feel good and are injecting 2 or more times a week.
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  1. How many times do you inject testosterone AND FEEL at least OK?
  • Every 2 weeks (2x a month)
  • 1x every week
  • 2x every week
  • More than 2x a week

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  1. How many times do you inject testosterone AND DO NOT FEEL GOOD YET (Still dialing in)?
  • Every 2 weeks (2x a month)
  • 1x every week
  • 2x every week
  • More than 2x a week

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Bump. If you do not vote on a poll, once I close poll you will see results. It is set to show results either when you vote or I close poll.

So please dont vote just to see results. Thanks.

We want some accuracy. :wink:

Charlie, do you also want votes from people who are not quite dialed in yet? Like me at a little over 4 weeks on a new protocol?

Yeah. If you feel good so far vote on the first one. If you don’t feel good vote on the second one. :muscle:

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Bump. Scroll to first post for poll.
I will bump again Monday then close poll late Monday or Tuesday

I’ve done both weekly and twice a week, I prefer twice a week mainly due to smaller doses per injection (I love to inject my delts, no pip whatsoever). Half an inch insulin needle is painless and easy.

Bump. Will close poll later on Monday. Thank you. Scroll up first post has poll.

Last bump before I close the poll in first post above

See results of poll.! Great response from all. Nice

Scroll to first post.

I’d say that’s a trend for sure. I don’t know if I would make the jump to “conclusive” just yet with a sample size of 30, but it would be cool to see the results of a poll like this with 200-300 voters.

There are vast differences between both polls.

There should be though. Right? The 2nd was the group not feeling good.

30 is great for this forum. Last one I did got less than 15 on here. But yeah no scientific conclusions. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I inject once a week. It’s plenty. :slight_smile:

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I may go back to that eventually too…I do 2x a week. I remember I feel good in 1 a week as well.

Did you vote I’ll reopen you can vote?

Feeling good is a loose term. Soooo many factors go into mood. I feel like so many times patients don’t feel good really comes from self fulfilling prophecies.

@charlie12 I didn’t. Sorry. The new baby has us busy as hell

Scroll up. It’s open