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Poll: Pass Around Forum

What do you guys think of this idea?

Since I co-write the “Stuff We Like” column, I get all kinds of training equipment, books and videos. I have a garage full of stuff. What if I send some of it to a T-Nation reader for him to try out, then he sends it to another reader and so on and so on…

It’s called “Pass Around” testing. Several people try a product out and agree to 1) send it to someone else after a certain period of time and 2) post back on the forum what you think of it. We could even have a forum dedicated to this if we wanted.

You’d have to pay shipping to send it to someone else, just as the person before you had to pay for it. We could use the PM system to exchange addresses.


I’d be down, so long as it wasn’t anything huge and expensive to ship.

This would be cool, but I would have some concerns:

Implementation of this might be a bit difficult, as human nature would have to be worked around a bit.

My other concern is that the makers of some of this equipment might not receive money that they should for their products. However, this could be an excellent way for them to advertise (i.e. getting people to try their stuff out), so it my go over well.

Also, this system would be pretty open to allowing steroid dealers to take advantage of it, but that would have to be ironed out with some more details.

Sounds like a good plan to me.

To address a couple of the concerns:

  1. If you can’t afford shipping, don’t sign up to test a heavy product.

  2. I would clear it with the maker of the gadget or writer of the book first. No real worries here. The testers would not get to keep the gadget, and people talking about a product on a forum would be a godsend to equipment makers and book writers. If the person is confident in his product, he’d jump on this idea and even donate the gadget, book or video for pass around reviewing.

  3. If anyone tried to keep a product and not pass it along, I’d have their home address. This really isn’t anything to worry about though. Pass around forums have been very successful and honest in other areas of interest.

  4. Steroid dealers? Sorry, you’re going to have to explain that connection a little better.

Steroid Dealers? WTF?

Great idea Chris. Let’s start with the Gang of Babes!!!

puff puff give?
what happens if something breaks? how will you prove who did it? some one could have it for a week and break it, then turn around and say it was shipped that way. not that anyone here would do that, but chit happens.

im game. quit bitching you morons, hes offering you free shit!

I too am concerned about steroid dealers getting involved. Not all of you may be aware of the depths that some of these people will go to. TG, thanks for mentioning that.

Great idea!

I think Chris is implying that you sign up to be part of the pass around per product as opposed to just being on the list and required to try every product. If that’s true (and correct me if I’m wrong, Chris), then if you’re concerned that a product contains steroids and don’t want to test it, don’t sign up. If you’re concerned about shipping costs for a particular item, don’t sign up.

I’d defintily like to do it.

Sounds interesting.

Sorry, just throwing ideas out there. I figured that setting up a system where addresses and such were easily passed around for shipping purposes could be taken advantage of, but probably no more than our current PM system, I guess. Maybe I’m just destined to be a criminal. haha

Also, I’m not trying to shoot holes in the idea at all. I’d be the first to sign up for a Real Doll. God knows you don’t want that second. :slight_smile: I just wanted to bring up some possible issues so they could be avoided from the outset.

No need to worry about steroid dealers. Besides, I don’t think any of them would sign up to test a product, then slip free steroids into the package for the next guy. Most dealers just aren’t that generous and/or stupid!

All mailing info would be private. It would be done through PMs or you could PM your e-mail address. Each person would have only one address anyway: the address of the person he’s going to mail the gadget to next.

Other than that, it would about like MiketheBear suggested. I’d get on the Pass Around Forum or thread and say, “I have some of those new Heavy Grip handgrippers in different strengths. Who wants to try them out?”

I’d contact five or so people who volunteered and mail the grippers out to the first person on the list. He’d test them out, make a post containing his review, then send the grippers to the next guy on the list. We’d take care of who’s next and addresses through PM or e-mail.

The last person on the list would mail them back to me and we’d start over with the BOA jump rope, a training video, a bodyfat tester, a clubbell, or whatever. Actually, we’d probably have a couple of “pass arounds” going at once to keep things active.

Oh, and mdog, if something breaks then I suggest the person write a review that says, “Goddamned cheap ass thing broke! Don’t buy it!” I’d still ask that the broken product be sent back to me. That would prevent anyone from lying about breaking it so they could keep it. Hey, I used to be a high school teacher. I know how to catch cheaters!

i would like to participate also.

I’m in…Ironmind actually does this, I know I’ve recieved alot of cool products from them to test/review. So where/when is the offical sign up?

I’m definately down.

count me in.

Cool, but for those of us who are outside of America, will you guys still be willing to pay the shipping costs?