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Poll: More Price Drops?


Quick summary: It's impossible to sell a super high quality protein supplement or post-workout drink and still make a profit without 1) taking out the expensive, high end ingredients, 2) charging a lot for it or 3) dropping the middleman and selling it directly.

Biotest chose #3, sell Grow! and Surge only through this site. Sales are through the roof so that seems to be working. (Thanks!)

Poll: Would you buy directly from T-mag if we did that with a few other supps? Examples:

Power Drive: $17 instead of $40
M: $17 instead of $40
ZMA: $9 instead of $25

If the answer is yes, then these items can be pulled from the middlemen and sold directly through this site at prices cheaper than the cheapest online discounter - plus it would be the freshest stuff with the latest formula improvements and you'd get free overnight shipping on larger orders.

Poll II: Would you be interested in supercharged versions and exclusive blends of favorite Biotest goodies?

Example: A jacked up version of HOT-ROX with as much active ingredient as can be crammed in there, then packed into the same liquid nano-dispersion capsules used in MAG-10? (Which would mean it would be almost scary at burning fat.)

Or how about we take that nano-dispersion technology and do a maxed-out blend of Tribex and Red Kat in one capsule and pack as many of the caps as possible into a 250cc bottle?

The price would be $100 if we use a middleman (GNC, online retailers etc), but if we sell them only at T-mag? 49 bucks everyday.

What do you think? Would you buy the Power Drive and other supps at a direct sales price? Would you be interested in the special blends and jacked up formulations?


Oh hell yeah.

(That was my unemotional response.)


I'm definetly for it!
Hopefully i'm gonna make a trip to new york in summer, so I can pack on the supplements.I live in germany, the customs won?t let anything be sent to me.


yes, yes, yes....and yes.


Oh yeah! My only prob is the shipping to Canada. I don't mind waiting a few days if I can save on freight.


Yes to everything. The price drop would be great, and the super charged formulas even better.


im only interested in grow/surge/powerdrive.. so if powerdrive went down i probably would buy it a little more often. but i definitly am buying grow/surge from you guys every time with those prices(& quality!)



1) Yes drop the ZMA and Power drive prices and i will be buying all my supps besides mutlis and the occasional creatine from you guys. Not because i care for you or anything, its just because you made it so affordable not taking advantage of the offer would be like missing a workout.

2) Hell Yeah, please super charge the surge.


Personally, I'd have to say yes. And here's why:

I live in Iceland (you know, tiny island in the atlantic..) and out here, supplements cost a lot. And by ordering from uk/usa I usually end up paying more for those with import taxes and more then I do here.

But not any more...with the new price cut on grow and surge, I can order those and have them sent to me and pay the import fees and they still cost less then with a local retailer, not to mention the vast quality difference!

So a similar price cut on other biotest products has the effect of putting them in competition with the locals.


I'm down for ordering direct at those prices and I'd also like to see the jacked up supplements.


I am all for it, my only concern is the shipping to Canada too. I also would not mind waiting a few more days if it meant a cut in shipping rates.


Definatly intrested. I am getting ready to put together an order of grow and surge but will wait for this so I can order more and save the shipping. Keep this up and you guys will make GNC obselete.



hell yes


ZMA $9? Yes!

Power Drive $17 YES!

Super Sup Hot Rox? As long as I don't get any wrong side effects just as I'm not getting and side effects from it now.

Tribex? I have done two months of full dosage 5 on two off of it and hasn't given me the "benefits" that a low T-Level person is supposed to experience. So I guess I have high T-Levels at 28.


I just got a hard on and Im not even on any supplements right now.


Who wouldn't want cheaper prices and jacked up products :stuck_out_tongue: Hell it's even cheaper than the on-line guys now.

Oh and bring back Mag-10 for one more cycle pleeeeeaaaaaaasssssssssseeeeeeee

I was on a couple 24 hour shifts and missed the mega bottle :frowning:
But you guys kick ass either way :slight_smile:



f$ck the middleman....im gonna be poor this summer haha..go for it


That's definatly a HELL YES on everything from me and the rest of the Devildogs that I place bulk orders for. We've already dropped the cheap whey we used and now use Grow and Surge exclusively all the time instead of rationing it. Supercharged HOT-ROX, HOLY BATSHIT, is that even posssible?


Unquestionably yes. I'd have to rent a storage space for all the stuff I would buy.


No... please don't do this to me!!

Just kidding. Hell yes. Middlemen suck--- good supps for less is awesome.

As for the supercharged supplements: that sounds pretty damn good, too.