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Poll: Low Back Pain Article?

T-nation members,

It seems like there are quite a few posts dealing with low back injuries or low back pain in general.

I am considering writing an article or two dealing with low back anatomy/mechanics, injury mechanisms, treatment options, rehab exercises and training modification/precautions.

Before doing so however, I wanted to assess the degree of interest in such an article.

Therefore, if you would be interested, just post a quick reply in this thread. If there is enough interest, I will get busy putting it together.


Yes, please!

I’m 39, and this has been my weak link for the past 15 years. I’ve been to a chiro, and it’s nothing serious. So, my back pain is very frustrating. I feel that my legs are strong, my back is strong, my arms are strong. But my weak back limits me to a huge degree from total body functional strength work.

I’d VERY much be interested in this, specially if it covers multiple mechanisms of injury.(everyone these days just talks about disc problems and that’s it)

Absolutely! Just got through 5+ weeks of physical therapy. I haven’t trained and actually a bit reluctant to go back to the gym. It would be of great benefit to see some suggestions regarding back pain and training to prevent future reoccurance. Looking forward to it…

I would love to learn more about lower back pain. It seems like mine is always tight.

I’d be very interested, especially in learning about disc injuries, as there seems to be lots of people afflicted with them and lots of conflicting information.

I would be very interested in an article on lower back problems!

I just started my first semester of a PT program, and I would really love to get an advanced insight in to general back pain. It would be great if you could add in some technical specifics for me to stump my prof’s with!

I do some lifts and afterwards think “Now that does not feel to good. What did I do wrong and how do I correct it?” I usually go over to the leg raise station and decompress my back while I do 10 knee lifts.

Teach us what we do wrong and how to correct/prevent problems.

yes, please do this article, as my father has ruptured discs in his lower back (like i mentioned in another thread), this would do him a lot of good.

Does the back pain refers to slipped disc only?

I was doing bodyweight squats to warm up a couple weeks ago and I squatted (went down) to fast. (I did not do any stretching beforehand). Suddenly I experienced a sharp pain in my lower back (on the right) and immediately stood up. I couldn’t move much after that, for a whole day. The slightest movement hurts.

Anyway, visited the doc the following day and he said it’s the lumbar muscles that’s “injured”.

Can someone tell me what’s wrong? IS it coz I have weak lower back muscles. But I do incorporate deadlifts in my workouts…

Thanks in advance…This is worrying me…

(Note: I had this same injury 5 years back in military school. I was doing sprint training and suddenly experienced the same pain. That was the 1st time.

2nd time was a year later, was doing hyperextensions by the pool during training and felt the same pain again.

3rd time was as discussed above)

Dr. Ryan - you offered invaluable assistance to me this past summer when I suffered from micro-tear trauma.

I think this is a lot more common than people think. As such I think it merits an article. If not a solo article, then I can’t really see how one would be able to discuss lower back pain without throwing a bone to MTT.

just my .02

P.S. I don’t remember if I ever thanked you for your help last summer - so THANKS ALOT!

A loback article would be greatly appreciated. One year ago, I injured my Left loback by leaning too forward on a deadlift (form got sloppy). Doc said it’s a muscle strain and said to rest for few months. Now I do squats and deadlifts, but when I feel the Left loback begin to burn, I stop. It’s not the burn of lactic acid, its a milder version. When I deadlift near my 1RM, my left loback lets out a small pop, which means I will be in pain for the next 3 days. Now, whenever I do exercises that involve the loback, I do up to the point the loback fatigues, then I stop. If I push further, it will pop (strain).

I would enjoy an article on this subject. I’ve had a troubled lower back all my life. Seems to always be tight and ready to give out.

Dr. Ryan,

I would be very interested in an article concerning LBP. It seems to be limiting my lower body workouts lately. Thanks.

Hell Yeah!

Low back was defintely a concern as a newbie and still poses some mystery today… I’d like an article.


Dr. Ryan,

      Absolutely. I would be particularly interested in information on PREVENTING lower back pain; I have yet to injure my back, but most people whom I know who HAVE injured it have done so while performing relatively innocuous, low-load movements. I would like to know how I can best bulletproof my back against injury while still doing heavy pulls (OL) on a regular basis.

The question is multiple choice, right?

A. Hell, yeah!
B. Gosh, yes!
C. Oh, please! (begging on bent knee)
D. All of the above.

Answer, of course, is D.

I would be very interested, especially concerning asymetetries of the lumbar musculature and ways to go about correcting this.

[quote]myersje wrote:
I would be very interested, especially concerning asymetetries of the lumbar musculature and ways to go about correcting this.[/quote]

Yep, same here!