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Poll - Is the Like Button Counterproductive in PWI?


Granted Like prevents, “Yeah Bro”, “x2”, and such - but is it a lazy method of not adding anything substantive to a dialog? Or even worse, as a battering ram to stifle opposing views.

  • Yes
  • No

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(Get it? I “liked” your post?)

I don’t think it hurts anything. Like you said, it’s a way to show support of a post without just typing “x2” (even though I still do that sometimes, lol). And I don’t see how it’s a “battering ram” to stifle views any more than all 10 of us that feel the same way shouting down the rajrajmeister with 10 separate posts instead of one post and some likes.


I did get it you wacky guy!

The ten posts would probably not come unless another factoid could be laid on the fire. Thus making this a more intelligent place.

Ex - I love blue.
Rebuttals - blue is known to cause depression
red is proven to have more sex
blue makes 2/3 income

instead of blue = nazi creeper


I don’t think it makes a whole lotta difference…though, I would say the whole likey system (whether it’s on here or on fb etc) can often help feed into a lot of superficiality and narcissism. Sometimes the dumbest posts get the most likes.


It makes me feel like the special snowflake that my mommy told me I am. :badpokerface:


Only 2 likes… But muh feelzzzz…


I use it for posts that I would not have thought of in the way that the poster did. Sometimes even if i don’t agree with it, but can respect the content or knowledge of subject behind it.


I can take it or leave it. Sometimes it’s nice to be able to give a poster a quick nod of agreement.


I don’t have nearly enough time to contribute regularly and follow a dialogue through. If I have a moment, I’ll read through and ‘like’ someone’s post to bolster their argument.

Otherwise, I’ll just like it if they have a unique perspective.

I do like that I get more likes on T-Nation, from people I don’t actually know, than I do on FB and Instagram from my actual friends. Fucking skanks.


I was going to say the same. I can “like” a post for being well-written and thoughtful even if I don’t agree. I guess I could quote/reply and say that, but I see no harm in throwing a Like as well.

Besides I like making other people feel special.


I don’t care about likes one way or the other but the most liked posts aren’t the insightful ones they’re the unserious empty ones cracking jokes .


Lets all rally around our man Raj and like his post, once again proving him wrong.


I don’t pay attention to the likes but like the rest of you, will “like” a post myself even if I disagree with it but I learned something or it was especially we written.


I was just reading some threads and I think a “dislike” button would be much appreciated. There are times when I want to tell someone their opinion is stupid, but am far too lazy to type it all out.:grin:


or just plain Skeered. Aint Skeered!!


I think your doing this to get likes… :wink:


There are 6 Likes on the OP, but I am the only one that voted yes,
Go figure. :7)


It was you… :high_heel: