Poll: How long does your typical bulking and cutting cycles last?

How long does your typical bulking and cutting cycles last?

that all depends on your goals.

For bulking: I keep at it until I reach a set BF%.

For cutting: I keep at it until I reach a set BF% or until I feel that my metabolism has slowed and I have to temporarily abort.

Until I can’t stand dieting anymore or until I can’t stand looking in the mirror anymore.

Alright, let me try to make this clearer.

Of all your bulking and cutting cycles you have been through, how long did they typically last - 6weeks? 8weeks? 12 weeks? Longer for cutting or bulking?

Post your experience here!

My bulking phases usually last 4 or 8 weeks…I bulk up very quickly so now I’m trying 2 week bulking “bursts”… For cutting, they are usually much longer, somewhere between 8-16 weeks…

i seriously dont think that question can be answered. it depends on way to much. if you are just starting out in bb, and you are 5’11 140, you probably need to spend the next three years bulking. as opposed to if you are already very muscular and just dieting to get in good shape.

1 bulking cycle - 12 weeks. Ian Kings upper and lower body series. I ate everything and anything in sight at all times for about 8 weeks, then I got sick of food. The last 4 weeks I used tribex for first time and also androsol. I blew up to 170lbs. 170 is blowing up for me.hahaha

3 cutting cycles - 8 weeks, 6 weeks, 4 weeks.
the first one lasted longer and followed the bodyopus. The second I followed a modified version of t-dawg 1.0, and the third I followed Joel’s cheater’s diet.

Da Boxer

going on eight months.

LOL @ Goldberg. One of those “eternally bulking” types? J/K!

Come on t-peeps.