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Poll: grip-strength equipment

In your opinion, what’s the best equipment for grip strength:

  1. Thick bars
  2. Eagle claws
  3. Pinch lifting plates
  4. Clubbells
  5. Weaver Sticks
  6. Lever Bars
  7. Sledgehammers
    Or at least order them in priority if you can’t choose just one.

Believe it or not, my grip has increased dramatically with the use of Bolt Cutters at work! I pick up the Cutters with one handle in the palm of my right hand, the other handle above it, next to my side ((I think I may not use my thumb to grip, I’ll re-post after finding out on my next shift tonight)). I walkd to the back of the truck like this, cut the bolt(s), then return with the Cutters now held in my left hand. It seems to be both passive gripping and useful gripping at the same time! Of course you guys won’t go buy one for your house; but it’s interesting that with this, it has improved my grip so much!! I also had used dumbell flexion exercises with a plate or more on one end, and the unloaded end in my grip, first the loaded end facing the front, then the loaded end facing the back, for each hand. It’s an extremely small movement, but the forearms and grip get hammered!! I got great results with this, but didn’t do it enough because of my busy lifestyle (so I told myself).

  1. Captain of Cruch 2. Any Pinch Grip Method 3. Thick bars 4. Lever Bars 5. Baseball/Softball lift. There are alot of awesome ways to build grip strength, those are just a few of my favorite. Good Topic!

out of the stuff you picked: 1. thick bars 2. plate pinch 3. eagle claws (or talons or whatever IM calls them) 4. clubbells 5. levering/sledgehammers/weaver sticks. Plate curls & grippers are really good for hand/wrist strength also, you left them out. Maybe that was because you want minimal equipment?

A towel and a chin bar.

On the bolt cutters, I do use my thumb; but I it thumbless, and I could do it, the thumb helps more with grip tho. Also they’re the big bolt cutters.