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Poll: Fountainhead and Voting

hey guys, i’m curious to see if anyone has ever read foutainhead and/or atlas shrugged (preferably both) and still votes democrat.

I’ve read “The Fountainhead”. I don’t live in the US, so I’ve never voted either way.

What particular aspects of Objectivism do you find run contradictory to the tenets of the Democratic Party?

America is a largely religious country with 82% believing god created humanity and 47% not believing in evolution.

It seems that a great deal of the republican base is made up of religious conservatives. How do you reconcile Objectivism?s denial of faith over reason with those poll numbers? Or is it your contention that this only applies to atheist Republicans?

I can understand your supposition that the anti-communist, pro-capitalist aspect of the books would seem to favour the republicans. Perhaps those are over-riding concerns; I suppose personal responsibility could be presented as the penultimate theme of the novels.

Your thoughts?