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POLL: For or against airbrushed photos

In the sense of really too obvious airbrushing, like this one…almost looks like a drawing.


Totally against! It looks awful, and I could possibly be gay, but dammit the chicks don’t look hot when they’re airbrushed like that.

She looks beautiful. No airbrushing there.

you are retarded tony. There is airbrushing in every magazine

Yeah the nipples are definatly airbrushed :slight_smile:

I vote natural look!~

Nice boobs. Too bad the whole package looks surreal.

TONY-T: Not sure of that at all. She almost looks like computer-generated imagery. If thats natural skin, untouched, Ill have to go see my optometrist, cause my 20/20 is surely not enough…

Just airbrush that bikini outda way n see the freakie deakie–now thats what I’m talkin’ bout!

I was just joking you retards. I know its airbrushed. Even still, id still bang her.

I like 'em more natural, to a point. No body is “perfect”


I hope the mods let this link go through. It’s pretty surprising to see just what air-brushing does:


wow that girl is FUBAR. Unreal.

Good link, The Indestructible!

Although it helps, it`s like everything else in cosmetics (implants, for example): a little help is a good thing, but there comes a point where too much is just too much and ruins everything.

In this case, when the first thing I think is Airbrush instead of anything else, its just proves me theartistreally did botch his job. If I want to see CGI, cartoons or transformed pictures, Ill call ILM, thankyouverymuch. Its just bad to seecartoonsin a supposedlyreal-lifemagazine. Isnt that why, in part, we buy magazines instead of comics: the realness of it?

I will, for all of your stomachs` sakes, refrain from adding Jocelyne Wildenstein (Catwoman, cosmectic surgery fetishist) pics.

Dude, that site is pretty damn cool…I’m into photoshop (hobby), but man, that is some serious airbrushing…Pretty neat!

badass link. natural all the way. if i wanted to see fake girls ill watch japanimation

FUBAR: Fucked Up Beyond All Repair. The girl? Whoah, lucky for you the girl doesnt hear it. Youd have a monologue ehehehe.

Did you see the job that guy did on her navel? Talk about transformation…not to say, magic. These guys are modern-day illusionists!

Like they say in sales, sell the sizzle, not the steak. Sell a dream. Yep, with artists like that, guaranteed sales. No wonder they do it (and people get complexed with the unattainable goal ideology)!

Holy shit that website is crazy. I can’t beleive the difference between the two pics. Jenny McCarthy was talking about how much work they did on her pictures on some show a couple of years back. I had no idea they did that much to the picture. They probably won’t even need people for magazine ads in a couple years.
I prefer real women. No airbrushing. No make-up.

the thing is that the girls will always looks rats in the photo without the airbrushing. its all about selling the magazine kiddies. making the bling bling
“Jordan” the famous model with the massive tits is fukn poo without the airbrushing and espcially without the make up. scars everywhere…
if you see photos of her before model she is real unatractive (if we are comparing her to most models)

I’d rather see airbrushing on a photo than troweled on makeup in real life. I have yet to see a woman with more than a touch of makeup that looked better than she did right out of the shower.