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Poll: Fiber & ALA. Free T-shirts!


Thanks to those who replied to the dietary oil poll. The winner of the ZMA drawing was MitchG! Now, yet another poll:

[b]1. What do you think is the most effective, highest quality fiber supplement on the market? (Not high fiber foods, but a supplement.)

  1. What is the best, highest quality ALA supplement? [/b]

You may answer just one or both. List the brands please.

For answering the poll, we'll pick one responder to receive two free T-shirts: one T-Nation shirt and one Testosterone shirt.

Note: Be sure your profile info is filled out correctly and completely or we can't mail you the prize. Go to "My T-Forums" then "Edit Profile" to check your info.



What I've used

  1. Metamucil
  2. Syntrax R


Honestly, my best source of fiber is the President's Choice brand "Too Good To Be True" Fiber Cereal. Roughly 13 g of fibre for a full cup serving (actually, it could be half cup as said on the package, but I am slightly skeptical as I am a young punk). It also fits in with my budget, and happens to be real food, so I go for it :slightly_smiling:

Never touched a ALA supplement yet.


I use health from the sun flax seeds. They have enough fiber for me.


Fiber: The Vitamin Shoppe house brand -- it's got a large number of different types of soluble and insoluble fibers.

ALA -- don't know, as I don't use it.

  1. I use a combonation of guar and xantham gums from Bob's Red Mill

  2. As far as ALA, I just received R-ALA from 1fast400. Just started use so I couldnt tell you if I feel it is the best.


REgular ol Psyllium husk ...vitamin SHopppe...... and Syntrax R-ala and Source NAturals, (ast's blows)

  1. Spinach

  2. I used some from 1fast400 a while ago; really liked it. I've heard their product quality has gone down hill though. I may try some from AST soon.

How come I never win?,



now brand


Bob's Red Mill for fiber. Haven't tried ALA yet.


i now take all-bran with extra fiber...its real food and its been working for me. PLus i really dont mind the taste.


havent tried ala yet




metamucil or a generic walmart version
Flagstaff, AZ


Have not tried ALA


Source Natural Guar gum and Syntrax R-ala






Syntrax R

If I win, a black and yellow Testosterone shirt sure would be sweet in about a size 2x.


GNC Multi Fiber..only if I ain't eatin enough real stuff.

Haven't used any recent brands of ALA.
Tried Twinlab's years ago